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    We are getting married at the IRHS in Montego Bay and will be there for 10 days before our much anticipated honeymoon @ COUPLES! I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the average "load" of laundry may cost at couples?? I read $1.75=$3.75 per ITEM!? Can anyone elaborate on the cost? Can you send things to be laundered that need to "hang dry"?
    I'm trying to avoid packing clothes for 16 days AND all of our wedding stuff!!


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    I was wondering the same thing...I want to work out but not take alot of work out clothes that will load me down. Do they have washer and dryers to do it myself?

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    I bring Woolite nto wash our bathing suits and it works great but with the humidity I doubt clothes would dry very well. We work out every day and I just make sure I bring a small tank for each day and a couple pairs of shorts. I can usually get away with wearing the shorts twice. Make sure you bring enough socks! I didnt last I would rather squeeze the clothes in my suitcase rather than worry about getting laundry done while there.

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    Don't know the answers to the OP's question but I can tell you that they don't have washers and dryers for you to do your own...the last thing Couples would have is a laundromat, it's all about them doing it all for you!

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    No washer and dryer, but there is a clothesline in the bathroom. I take a bit of Woolite in a plastic bottle and rinse and dry my workout clothes. Just remember -- anything that is cotton or a thick fabric may take longer than a day to dry. It's super humid.
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    There are no "self-service" washers and dryers at CSA. Like most resorts, they have "laundry service." Their prices are in line with other hotels, namely anywhere from roughly $2.00-$8.00 per item.

    We work out every day, and usually stay 10 days. To keep from packing a ton of workout clothes, we bring workout clothes for 5 days and have these items washed at the halfway point of our trip. When we were there in January, the bill for the laundry service was around $60 (this included a few pair of dress shorts, too).

    I would not send a gentle item to be washed (i.e., an item that needs to be hang dried). It's easy enough to bring some Woolite and hand wash any delicates yourself. Nothing against CSA, I just wouldn't trust any industrial laundry with my delicates.

    The service is great - we call in the morning, they pick it up, and we've always gotten the clothes back the same day. It is so worth it for us as it really lightens the luggage load.

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    Noble idea to work out. I'd suggest bringing the rattiest workouts you've got and leave 'em behind.

    We're not workout freaks when on vaca, and when looking at the prices for laundry, its a show stopper. I also seem to recall that its a "soon come" schedule as far as when you'll get the laundry back. Consequently, the whole laundry thing would be last resort.

    Here's a thought, though... rinse 'em in the sink or take a shower with 'em... then hang them someplace to dry.

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    We haev never had much luck with hanging things to dry. Even swim suits have taken over a day to dry during some of our trips because the humidity was so high! Much of the laundry we have tried to dry ends up getting a sour or musty smell because it takes so long, even swim suits sometimes.

    One time when my husband was there he ran out of dress socks so he sent all of his to be washed and they lost them for a few days. Eventually they did find them after many calls. Everyone he talked to seemed unaware that we had any laundry out even though he called a bunch of times. I don't know if this is normal though. Socks are known to get lost in the wash!

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    Is laundry service something you could use a resort credit for?

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    I can't help you on pricing for laundry services, but I can say that the more you pack clothes that have multiple uses, the better. We did 2 weeks in Europe last year, and while we did do laundry in Paris, we only had 4 days left on our trip.

    I was able to pack light by bringing skirts/dresses which pack much smaller than pants/shorts. I brought mix and max tanks and short sleeve sweaters that I could change up the colors to get multiple outfits. I had small ankle socks and had three pairs of shoes (sneakers [to run] and two pairs of flats). The issue we ran into really was under wear. That was the bulk of the laundry in Paris. Especially since Paris was close to 90 degrees everyday.

    Since you'll be at a resort, you'll be able to wear your beach cover-up lots of times without worrying about cleaning (at least in my opinion). Skirts/dresses are perfect for warm weather and your shoes will be light flip flops/sandals. I would take the others advice on the Woolite for your suits and any active wear you might bring, but you should be able to swing a 16 day trip without too much laundry if you pack with interchangeable and light weight clothes in mind.

    Congrats and have a fantastic time!

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    ORV - yes, we used our resort credit to pay for the laundry service this past January. Great deal.

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    Ive been reading about things not drying like bathing suites and stuff due to humidity. Is it like this in late july? I would think the high heat along would dry things.

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    Temperature varies little through the year in Jamaica...temps in July are only a few degrees different than temps in December. You are on a tropical island, humidity is always a factor no matter the time of year. If you keep your air conditioner cranked and doors and windows closed at all times you can control it a little better and things dry quicker. Many people prefer to have an open door or window though to listen to the outdoor sounds...waves or tree humidity is the trade off and clothes don't dry. It's vacation, forget laundry, soak in the atmosphere. I'd love to have a tree frog sound machine beside my bed at home!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sc_dixiedude View Post
    Ive been reading about things not drying like bathing suites and stuff due to humidity. Is it like this in late july? I would think the high heat along would dry things.
    It really just depends on the weather at the time. We have been there when the humidity was lower than normal and when it ws much, much higher than normal. Last April we were there for 10 days and it didn't rain once, not even a sprinkle. The humidity was 90%+ the entire time. The humidity is high all the time (75% on average) but like with anywhere else, it can be be really high at any time. Plus there are not a lot of great places to hang laundry in all of the rooms.

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