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    Default Doug & Renee, Wisconsin

    Doug & Renee,

    We me last April @ CN (loon farts/pool bar)and are wondering if everything is OK after the tornado(s) that hit Merrill? Hope it missed you. We had one that hit near home (Eagle) last year that was devastating to many families

    Haven't seen you on the message board for a long time. Were you able to get back to CN this year? We leave May 12th for 10 days@ CN. I guess we're down to 30 days now

    Best regards

    Mike & Jean

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    We met Doug and Renee a long time ago when they joined us one December at SweptAway (I think). We live quite a bit south, in the Fox River Valley, and we, too, got hit by one of those devil tornadoes on Sunday, with a lot of damage, but no injuries.

    Word we've got is the same for the Merril area... a lot of downed trees, damaged and destroyed property, but thankfully, only a few injuries, none of them serious.

    We also hope all is well with them.

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    I'm in Merrill and was very lucky as the tornado hit west of our home but there is ALOT of devastation. I believe the count was 22 homes that were complete losses as well as numerous businesses. People are coming together to get things cleaned up as quickly as possible but in looking at the damage it is hard to imagine it ever getting cleaned.

    There were only three people taken to the hospital, two were released the same day and the one remaining one is in fair condition, although his house is a total loss.

    Thank you for all your thoughts!!!

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    Hi, this is Carol & Pete from Marinette, WI., just 55 miles north of Green Bay. We just returned from CTI on March 12th. We have seen your troubles over that way, and wish you all well. We drive thru Merrill on Hwy. 64 all the time on the way over to my hometown to see my family in Holcombe. In fact we'll be going over there for Easter weekend and will pass you then. The weather this time of year can be so unpredictable! I have a daughter that lives in Green Bay and she was ready to go to the basement if need be, as it got pretty hairy down below her area that nite too. Many prayers go out to your community. Sincerely, Carol.

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