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    Default How do you do it?

    How do you survive the long wait until your next Couples Vacation? We leave for CSA in 40 days and I can hardly stand it! It's all I think about, all my husband and I talk about! I have butterflies worse than Christmas Eve! Somebody help! Wally I will be your first human test subject in your time machine! Lol!

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    I booked this trip a year ago(we leave in 7 days yea!). I read this message board daily and listen to a lot of reggae. I'm starting to get the stuff done that you have to do before vacation. I'm a little obsessed about Couples and Jamaica and I think hubby will be somewhat glad when it's over then maybe I can concentrate on something else. I'm not so sure, I'll probably be dreaming about our next trip.

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    It's a state of mind.... coming up on our 6th trip to couples.... one more and a WAKE UP.... How do I survive???? Spend quite a bit of time on message board after arriving home after trip.. helps with withdrawl. Knowing that NEXT year's trip is already booked gives me something to look forward to.... Stay in touch on Facebook with the people that vacation the same time as us that have become friends. Set up a count down timer.... Depending on the events of the year and the curves life throws us is how activly I count down through the winter months. For the most partI just keep in back of my mind that the goal is to survive 'til April. Count the 99 day mark by doing the double digit dance. Drop in on message board more often.... make final payment on Love away plan (45 days out) and get into the REAL COUNTDOWN.... you will find your own way to survive and exist between trips to COUPLES
    CTI/April Amigos

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    In Feb 2010 I booked a trip for Aug this year but we had to cancel and reschedule a new one for Aug 2012. That's a long wait especially when you expected to be going back a year earlier! Between our first and second trip was 4+ years but at least I didn't think it was going to be 3 years and then have to reschedule!

    I find that procrastinating makes the time go by faster. That doesn't really work when you are this far away from leaving though.

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    The truth is, you don't ever get used to it. We can only find ways to channel all that pent up emotion and use the energy to live day to day.

    I like to write, and one of the things I write about is Couples.
    I let my writing take me anywhere. I start with a word, a place, a smell, just about anything that will remind me of Jamaica.
    We are retuning in 6 days to CTI for our 31 visit. We were so taken with our first visit in 1995 that now we come twice a year and it still isn't enough. And we love it.

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    Messageboard and we make drinks from the resort at home. Never tastes the same but fills the empty Jamaican void we both feel. Make sure to write down the drink recipes!!

    We get together a couple of times a year with people we met at Couples as well. Then we are surrounded by people here in the states that share our love of Jamaica & Couples. Always fun to be around people "THAT KNOW"

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    Write down the drink recipes, hua? They let you do that? It never occurred to me to ask that. Good tip!
    I'll take pen and paper with me to the bar this year. Let's see if I can hang on to that. (HA!) I've contributed to the lost and found at CN & CSA over a 3 year period so far. I'm secretly moving in one "doo-dad" at a time and just not telling anyone.

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    We have been planning this trip since our second day in Negril 2 years ago! Lol we have been booked for 9 months so its just been killing me! I have read so many wonderful things about Couples that I think its worse than before! Lol. Crabracer I really enjoy reading your posts! Wow! 31 times! That says something! If we love Couples even half as much as we think we will we will be going to CTI next trip!

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    We will be going to CSA July 5th thru the 12th for our 20th anniversary. This will be our sixth time there. Went first time in 1991 for our honeymoon and we have been hooked since then. I can't afford to go every year and really miss it. You will have a wonderful time and just read the boards and I love looking at every one's pictures and I keep a Jamaician sunset as my desk top.Have fun and enjoy.
    Sharon in Milwaukee

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    We leave in 15 days and I have barely been able to contain my excitement! I have become addicted to the message board! It helps me feel like I am just a little closer, but the waiting is starting to drive me nuts! We are going to CSA May 1st-7th and this is our first time to Jamaica and Couples. I wish I had advice for a 'long' wait, but I don't. Waiting for a really long time for such an exciting trip would drive me batty!

    For the they have the ingredients listed on the menu, or do you ask the bartender how to make it? I know when we get home we will want to keep the Jamaica vibe with us as long as possible!!

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    I feel the same way!! 37 days and counting. I have been reading posts, looking at the activities schedule, and deciding what to have for dinner from the menue boards. I don't know how I'm gonna sleep when I get to the single digits!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleO View Post
    I feel the same way!! 37 days and counting. I have been reading posts, looking at the activities schedule, and deciding what to have for dinner from the menue boards. I don't know how I'm gonna sleep when I get to the single digits!

    I don't know how I will sleep either! I'm already dreaming of it!

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    Ahh the wait. We all go through it. My advise is to read the message boards, plan your packing, and just be thankful that you have this wonderful vacation to look forward to.

    We leave for CSS in five days! The beauty of Jamaica and Couples is well worth the wait!

    Wishing you a great time on your vacation!

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    I want to know how the people who book a year or more out do it?

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    I wonder if I can read the message boards for 72 hours. I'm about to come out of my skin with excitement. The first trip is a little edgy when you don't know what to expect but after that, once you go, you know, and the wait is killing me.

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    Default May be a little obsessed

    We leave in 14 days. I can't stop reading the message board and reviews either. My husband-to-be can't understand why the dishes and laundry aren't getting done. Lol. I work at night and i'm spending most of the day on the message board and then amazon to order things we'll need. Can't wait, the wedding is may 9th on the beach. Yeah!

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    I keep myself in a comatose condition by infusing myself with mass amounts of RedStripe, Appleton Estate Rum and Sangster's Rum Cream. I come up occasionally to check the calendar by using an intravenous drip of Blue Mountain Coffee.

    It works for me.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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