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    Default As requested CTI review that I posted on TA as well

    My husband and I traveled to CTI the first week of April for our anniversary and as a celebration of my masters degree. It was our 4th time to Jamaica (and Couples), and our first time to Ocho Rios and CTI. I am writing this review as a repeat guest to Couples to clear a few things up for those who are considering traveling to CTI.
    THE GOOD: the food, the resort grounds, the watersports
    THE JUST OK: the beach/swimming area, showtime after dinner
    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: activities after ten o'clock, tour and taxi prices that aren't included in your package
    THE GREAT: the staff and the included activities, Silver Birds, the spa
    At first, we were really thinking we should have stuck with Negril for this vacation. The resort was for us too "hotel." (I'll explain . . . .) We aren't used to hallways to get to our rooms or other areas when in Jamaica. Ironically, this is what other people loved about this resort. We also love a more authentic Jamaican feel when it comes to music and decoration and CTI definitely had less of this than Negril. Again though, others we talked to thought Couples Negril was too rustic and appreciated this about CTI. On to the night life . . . Our first two nights the resort was dead by 9:30 except for maybe 3 other couples that were at the piano bar. While we enjoyed the piano bar, we felt it was set up predominately for older guests. It was sing along after sing along of the same songs by the same people. (And yes we did attempt to be good sports and participate) We like the dj that plays at CN on some nights to give the sing alongs a break - again just our preference. That said the beach party night, casino night, and the steel band night with the Silver Birds were AWESOME! We also began to realize that because of all the included excursions people were just plain exhausted from their day. Activities we enjoyed: snorkeling, catamaran cruise, Dunns River, lots of daytime sports and the above mentioned theme nights. Food we enjoyed: all of it! (Bummed we missed the lobster this year, but knew this ahead of time.) This place really gets you with the staff. As much as we love Negril, the staff at CTI blew them out of the water. These people will do anything to make your trip more enjoyable and they are genuine and sincere in their converstaions. I mean, seriously, they talk to you and listen for the response, because they want to hear the answer. They also share with you a piece of their own lives. I doubt we will EVER find a better staff than those who work here! Anyone who has had unresolved issues at this resort, has clearly not brought them to the attention of anyone who works here during their stay. And yes, we did have some minor issues. No hot water - not a problem, we will gladly switch your room and upgrade you. Your water shoes got a hole in them after the first day - no problem we'll give you another pair. The buffet is closed and the grill is not open, but you just arrived - no problem, we will find someone to cook for you now. You wanted to play volleyball but it's not on the schedule today - no problem we'll get a game going for you. Nothing was ever a problem! Go and see for yourself UNLESS the beach is a MAJOR deal breaker for you and if it is check out CN and/or CSA in Negril!

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    This September will be our 4th time to CTI. It is VERY hard to try another Couples resort. As you said, the staff is out of this world. I work 2nd shift and am use to being up late at night. At CTI, I have a hard time staying up past 10 or 11pm. Must be the SUN,Activities,FOOD,and of course RUM. I really don't want to be up too late at night cause we really enjoy the day time.

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    Really nice review. Short and to the point. We were at CSS last May and are leaving for CTI in just 8 days. We are hoping that CTI will be just as good as CSS. We haven't been to CN yet, but from what we have read and experienced at CSS, you can't go wrong at any of the resorts. CTI here we come!!!!
    Mike & Martha

    CSS 2010, 2013, 2014
    CTI 2011
    CN 2012

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    You're right cuse, it is hard to try another Couples resort. We were so glad that we waited it out and resisted the urge to just go back to CN! It's too bad we can't do two trips a year or a longer stay so that we could do our favorite and a different Couples each time!

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    We just got back from CTI - 4/6-4/13. We abolutley loved it. We have stayed at Negril and now CTI. I agree with your comments, and I think it is just a matter of personal opinion which resort you liked best. For me, I LOVED the contemporary atmosphere at CTI, loved the "secludedness" of CTI, had no problem with going down a hall to get to my room. Our ocean view room was gorgeous, and I couldn't believe how close it was to everything. My hubby and I are "early to bed, early to rise" type people, so the lack of night life worked for us. But if you do like to party late more, I think Negril is more your place. We did the catarmaran cruise, Dunns River Falls, and Horseback riding. Plus, alot of swim up bar drinking. Overall great time, great food, great staff. Can't wait to go back

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    I too agree,we were there with you guys and saw you a couple times,although I havnt posted my revirw yet, I believe there shluld be mote activitirs after 10 for the people who are "Night Owls" but as I said I will be posting my review soon

    Its all Irie @ CTI

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    More activities.....sorry typo

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    Default Totally Agree


    We were also at CTI the 1st week of April. All is I can say is WOW! We had a wonderful time and were with two other couples.

    I thought that having a smaller beach would disappoint us but it really was not the case.

    We would agree with the original poster!

    Thanks you Couples! We had our trip planned to go to Sandals Antigua for 2012 and are now switching Couples Negril.

    Hopefully will return to CTI in 2013.
    Tami & Brian

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    We are going to CTI for our 5th trip in July. The staff and other guests are the reasons that keep us returning. Thanks for the trip back home!

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    Hello! thank you for this review post "leslie and trae" - my husband and I are planning a June trip (yes, 2011). Seems like a short notice but we are hitting our 20th Anniv in June. We were planning a trip last year, but then our daughter got sent to Germany in November so we thought we'd go see her instead, but now she's getting deployed for 6 months so there goes that. I'm bound and determined to celebrate our 20th anniversary this year!! LOL Anyways....we've been to Cancun twice and Maui, so travel agent suggested a new adventure and she said Couples was a great value, and CTI was her personal 1st choice. We most definately want to take advantage of the inclusions Couples offers and the RAVE reviews you all give on the staff at CTI sounds like a perfect end to those busy days. The potential date for our trip will be 6/15 - 6/22.
    Thanks again for this review!

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    Default Agree!!!

    I have to weigh in on this too. We'll be landing in 72 hours on our third annual trip to CTI. We are bringing two more couples with us this year, they heard what we thought of it and wouldn't miss it this year. We love the Art Deco Elegance of CTI and the small beach is long enough for us, preferring the privacy.

    BUT, most importantly, we have not seen the other Couples resorts because we can't imagine travelling all the way to Jamaica and not seeing out friends on the CTI staff. There just aren't enough good things to say about those guys!!!

    I'll say this though. I bought a journal for this trip so that I can take notes and do shout outs without fear of leaving someone out. They take such great care of me that its the least I can do in return.

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