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    Default July 9th - 16th

    Hey everyone, We are from Arkansas and will be coming down to get married on July 9th. We were wandering if anyone else is planning on being there during this week. We are super excited and cannot wait for July to get here.

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    Go hogs! We live in central Arkansas and wii be returning to CSA for the third time July 11through July 22. Where will you be staying? Which area of Arkansas do you live in?

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    We are getting married at Couples on July 9th! We will be there July 6th thru the 15th!

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    Well congratulations Mallory& Aaron, you couldn't have picked a better place to get married and have a honeymoon. We spent our honeymoon at CN as well and have came back each year since. We will be there the 7th through the 16th.

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    My wife and I are from Conway. We'll be at CN 7/19 - 7/26. Maybe we'll see you on our Trading Places day!!

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    Hi Mallory and Aaron! Congratulations! We will be at CN for our 5th July visit in a row (we love CN) from July 9-17. You will just love it! Hope to see you there!!
    Cindy and Shaun

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    Thank you very much!! We are from Jonesboro, and we will be staying at CN July 9th - 16th. With our wedding on the 12th
    -Cindy and Shaun, what do you recommend when it comes to packing? I would really hate to overpack when it comes to clothes. We are planning on bringing some Tide packets to wash some clothes and cut down on packing so many items.
    -Barry_Lauren- Im afraid we will miss you by a few days.
    -Chris&Denny & Kelkan54- We hope to see you there.
    -Arkansasgirl- YOUR RIGHT!!! GO HOGS!!!!!!!!

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    As far as packing goes I always say I'll do a better job next year! I always take too many shorts and tops. You will spend all day in your swimsuit/cover-up (unless you are at the A/N beach - which you MUST try!) and really not need any shorts or tops unless you are planning to do any off-site excursions. I pack about 3 cover-ups and 5-7 swimsuits for a weeks stay - probably too many. At night I always wear some type of summer strappy dress/sun dress and my husband wears shorts and button down casual shirts (linen or tropical print kinda thing). For him we pack one pair of pants and slip-on shoes for Othaheiti (I know I spelled it wrong) and the repeaters dinner.

    I always plan to wash things out but never do. I do rinse out our swimsuits each day. It does take everything awhile to dry.

    One thing I always bring is 10-12 extra plastic coated wire hangers. I like to hang a lot of our clothes up when we get there and we just leave the hangers behind.

    Remember that you can wear the clothes you wear in the evening more than once. This will help on cutting down on the amount of clothes you need to pack.

    I know this is a little long but I hope it's helpful. If you have any other questions ask away! I know some of the people on this thread (that we met at CN) and all of us are more than happy to help you out!!

    Hope to meet you in July!!!!!!!


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    We are from Texas but have spent a lot of time in Hot Springs. It is a way to Jonesboro, but a great state. You could not have picked a better place to get married. CN is the best as we are returning for our fourth straight year. We will be there the same time as you and hope we get a chance to meet. As we usually hang out close to the wedding area, I'm certain we will see you.

    Pack light and not too much. CN is very laid back and relaxed. You will understand what we are all talking about just moments after you arrive. Congrats on your wedding and CN soon come!

    Don and Jeanie

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