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    For those of you that have a Kindle that you are planning on taking with you on your trip I would like to provide a small bit of advice...

    Purchase a waterproof cover for your Kindle before you go. I purchased one from Amazon and it worked amazingly well. I saw alot of people on the beach with Kindles/Nooks and none of them had the waterproof case. The nice thing about this case is that it protects your Kindle from sand/sunscreen/water, etc. It was amazing the amount of stuff that got stuck on the cover by the end of the week, but none of it touched my Kindle.

    It was really nice to be able to set the Kindle in the sand and not have to worry about sand getting into the crevices, the same with the water.

    The cover also has a zip lock closure that prevents anything from coming in through the top as well. It folds over so you can easily access the Kindle if needed.

    Anyway, just a bit of advice to make your vacation even easier!!


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    Did you buy the cover from Amazon? What was the brand name and price?

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    Thanks for the advice. I saw someone at another beach with a Kindle with the cover and I was planning to get that. You just left it by your chair when you went in the water? I was worried about leaving it for fear of theft.

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    LSchmid... Thanks so much for the tip. I just purchased a Kindle and was concerned about taking it on the beach. I didn't even know they had waterproofed covers. We go July 1 to CN.

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    You know there may be theft on the beach, or at the resort for that matter, but in our three trips there it never came to mind and we left stuff at the beach all the time. It just seems like the most safe place in the world to us. But, we spend most of the time at the AN beach, so I guess if you steal something you have no place to put it!!!! LOL

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    A zip lock bag works also!

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    Yes, I got it on Amazon. It is the Trendy Digital cover and costs $15.99 and comes in several different colors.

    As far as leaving it on the beach, I did not have any problems. Sometimes I left it right on my chair, other times I put it in my beach bag but even then, we left our stuff on the beach when we went into the water, went to eat, etc. and never had any problems.

    I've never seen anyone rifling through other people's stuff at Couples. It's very safe.

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    What about the iPad?

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    Good advice!

    I have version from M-Edge that is waterproof to about a meter and floats upright in the water. It was a bit more expensive than the "envelope" kind (maybe $40?), but it's worked really well for me. I don't know if it's out for the newer (smaller) Kindle models.

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    [QUOTE=LSchmid;125086]Yes, I got it on Amazon. It is the Trendy Digital cover and costs $15.99 and comes in several different colors.

    Thanks for the info! I just ordered 2 for my husband and myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arkansasgirl View Post
    What about the iPad?
    I have an iPad and a Kindle. Cannot read the iPad in the sun use my Kindle. Like the iPad to read in bed because you don't need a light.

    Carol and Dave.... CSA ... April 22.

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    Thanks cawags! I may have to invest in a Kindle before our trip "home" in July. Traveling with ebooks is much easier! Enjoy your stay....

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    Maybe I really am just too cheap for words, but I put mine in a heavy duty Zip Loc type bag and it works great. I figure the cost to be about 30 cents.

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    I have a Kobo which I think are the same size and dimensions as the Kindle and live in Ontario Canada...for any Canucks out there...go to Dollarama, in the summer seasonal area / outdoor camping and pool stuff, there is a "Waterproof Bag" it comes in different colours and is $1.25. my Kobo fits perfect, has a see through window, and its waterproof. (the pic on the front shows it holding a cell phone and a camera (which is what I originally bought it for until I read this thread and gave it a try!!) it also has a carry strap that you can wear around your head if you really want to look like a book nerd

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    I ordered the TrendyDigital case for my Kobo and can't wait until it arrives!

    When I went to CSA, I had a large ziploc for storage/transport while not reading but while reading just held the ereader without the cover. I found the ziploc got "foggy" and marked after a couple of days- it would have been difficult to read through the ziploc bag.

    Luv2Yak: thanks for the Dollarama suggestion! I will also take a look at our local store.

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    I have a Nook Color, and notice that it's hard to read while out in the sun. Any suggestions?

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