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    Default Question about air fare

    Hey everyone

    My fiance and I are getting really excited about our upcoming wedding and honeymoon (Wedding October 3, honeymoon October 5!!) - we have FINALLY decided to go to Jamaica and can't wait to book our trip at Couples! We have never traveled anywhere outside of Canada so we are unfamiliar with all of the do's and don't's when it comes to booking. We have decided on Swept Away and wondered should we book the flight with Couples as well? Does that make it easier when it comes to the pick up in at the airport?

    If you book your flight seperately do you just tell Couples when you are arriving? Do they still pick you up ?

    Any info would be greatly appreaciated!!
    Thanks, Emily

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    How you book your flight has no relevance on your airport pickup. No matter how you get to the airport, as long as you are staying at Couples they will take care of everything!

    We have learned that for us, it's cheaper to book our flights separately from the hotel. We have always flown Continental or Delta. Plus, we typically book way in advance, sometimes a year ahead, so flights aren't even out when we book.

    If I were you, I'd do a search for the cheapest flight and just book it. is a good website that compares prices across all airlines if you know your travel dates. If you book your flights, all Couples has to know is when you are arriving. If they have you checking in on a certain day, then they will be waiting on you. There is a constant flow of buses into the airport for transports so you don't have to worry about scheduling it.

    PS - You'll LOVE CSA!! Have a great wedding/honeymoon!
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    Whether you book your flights through Couples or not will not make a difference in being picked up from the airport. They know what day you due to arrive. They have a lounge at the airport that is staffed with Couples employees, they have a list of who is arriving that day, so no worries.

    When it comes to booking your flights I would just look for the best rate, if you find it at Couples website then great.


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    Make your flight and CSA reservations together or seperate, makes no difference to them. Go to the Couples lounge when you arrive at MBJ and they will get you to CSA. They will have your name in their records for your CSA reservation and will get you to CSA pronto.

    Not trying to be a wet blanket, but do you have passports? Not sure if they are required for Canadians, but better check to make sure what the regulations are.

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    It does NOT make it easier for the pickup at the airport... all that is necessary is to have the reservation at the resort... Couples WILL, however, need to know what your incoming (to Jamaica) and outgoing flight numbers are.

    Just show up at the Couples Lounge after clearing immigration and customs and they take care of the rest...


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    Transfers from the airport to the hotel are included in the package. We always book our air separately from the hotel. Just let the hotel know your flight number and you'll be fine.

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    It doesn't matter if you book your flight through Couples or on your own. Couples will take great care of you either way! You can pre-check in on-line where they will ask for your arrival info and your departure info. AFter you arrive in Jamaica just go through customs and walk to the Couples lounge where you can grab a drink and they'll take care of getting you where you need to go!


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    I usually book my flight separately. My reason for doing so is that I usually book Couples first and book the flights when the prices fall, but this may not apply to you since you are so close to your travel dates. Another reason I like to book separatel is that I find it easier to manipulate other websites to choose the flight I want than it is with Couples. All you need to do if you decide to book separately is send Couples an email to notify them of your flight numbers and arrival/departure times. Once you get to the airport, your procedures will be the same as if you booked directly through Couples. Once you clear Customs, you will head to the Couples lounge where they will escort you to your ride.

    We will see you there! CSA 10/3-10/10!

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    Hey .... i have never been to the couples resort b4 but I have heard a lot and I shud be booking my honeymoon tickets for Jan soon and HELL YEAH i picked CSA.. was a tough choice tho.. Like I said I have never been to this resort before but what I did is call them and I spoke to the lady I am assuming at the front desk and she was very helpful in giving me details in regards to flights. I wud suggest you call them and they would give you all the info in regards to flights, visa if required etc. The number BTW is 1-800-268-7537. Wat I do know is that even if you book the tickets seperately on your own they do provide the shuttle service to and from the airport (Its ALL INCLUDED).... HOPE THAT HELPS.... plzzz do ignore any typos I am drinking right now and no prizes for guessing its RED STRIPES !!! i am getting ready .. Hope you have a wonderful time

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    Default Airfare

    Thank you all very much for the information!! We do have our passports already so we are good to go!! Can't wait to get there

    Thanks again,
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