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    Default CTI review 3/23/11-3/30/11

    Let me preface this review with a tiny bit of backstory. My wife and I had only been to CSA prior to our recent trip to CTI. We were assigned CTI via the Secret Rendezvous program, we did not select it for ourselves. As a matter of fact after having performed diligent investigation via the Couples web pages we had decided that CTI would be our LAST choice out of the 4 Couples resorts.
    Our flight via Air Jamaica left about an hour late, but we seemed to have made up time in the air. Customs was a breeze and we were through to the Couples lounge in less than half an hour. As soon as we signed in at the lounge we were hurried to the bus that was about to leave. I like to have a good time as much as the next guy, but the 4 other passengers for our van were already drunk. This was around 11am. This made for a less than stellar ride to the resort. Given the circumstances our driver, Danny, was phenomenal. He gave us some island history and pointed out various areas of interest along the way. He even went so far as to bypass one of the spots that another passenger wanted to stop at (mind you we had to stop 3 times on the way for bladder relief). It was basically an inside joke between Danny and my wife and I.
    We arrived at CTI around 12:30pm, roughly 2.5 hours before the 3pm check in time. As we walked up the steps into the lobby my jaw dropped. Literally. Being able to see the Caribbean Sea and the Island from the lobby was probably the most beautiful view I have ever seen, and one that I would marvel at for the next week. What a stunning introduction to the resort.
    The check in process was a breeze and Captain Kirk led us to our room immediately, even though we were quite early. Our room was a deluxe garden view, but due to our location (room 5208) we had quite a nice view of the sea from our balcony. Also, since we were the last room on the block and right next to the stairwell, we never had any problem with noise from the hall or adjoining rooms as some reviews had mentioned. The room was clean and comfortable, which are really the only two important things to me. It was wonderful to be able to sleep with the balcony doors opened listening to the sounds of the waves breaking.
    We set up our reservations at 8 Rivers and Bayside right away and had no problems fitting in exactly when we wanted. We also paid a visit to the excursions desk to set up our trip to Dolphin cove. Very accomodating once again.

    O.K. I know I am being long winded so I will try to wrap up more quickly...

    The beach: It was a perfect size for us since we are not "beach walking" people. Large enough to never feel crowded, but small enough to get to the bars and to the grill for some softserve quickly! Also, we loved sunbathing at the end of the pier, very quiet and a great place to get sunburned while reading a book!

    The bars: We never had to wait more than a moment or two for our drinks, and they were always on point. Also be sure to check out the drink of the day when possible. This introduced me to one of my new favorites, the "Jet Ski". Delicious.

    The food: My Lord where do I start? Everything was fantastic. Great meals at 8 Rivers and especially Bayside (can't beat the ambiance). Repeaters dinner was amazing. Loved the grill and frequented it daily for lunch.

    Watersports: Great staff. Very helpful and forgiving if you happen to lose your snorkle in 50 feet of water like I did! We loved the sea kayak's! I more so than my wife.

    The spa: So relaxing. I spent a fair amount of time on the massage table during the trip and I loved every minute of it! Marie worked knots out of my muscles that I didn't even know were there. Ms. Priscilla was a lovely face to meet you and helped us schedule our appointments together. Also don't forget to visit the smoothie bar!

    The Staff: Out of this world. I couldn't come up with a single bad thing to say about the staff if I tried. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Always smiling and really putting in the extra effort to make you feel like a part of the family.

    CTI made a believer out of us. We were worried that CTI could not live up to our memories of CSA, but fortunately for us we were oh so wrong. The resort exceeded our expectations at every turn and my wife and I are already planning our return in January of 2012!

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    How nice that CTI exceeded your expectations. I have to agree with a couple of things you said. The view when you walk into the lobby is beyond belief and dinner at Bayside for us was the most romantic experience we have ever had. I don't see how any place in the world could beat it.

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    Isn't it GREAT when a trip turns out to be SO much more than you expect??

    We also had some reservations before our trip to CTI this past March (also SR). After 4 trips to CN, 1 to CSS and 1 to the "old" COR, we looked forward to seeing the renovations and hoped CTI would make a better impression on us this time.

    We were so blown away by the "new" CTI! We loved it and are looking to book the same time next year
    CTI - Nov 06, Mar 11, Feb 12
    CSS - Sep 07, Sep 11, Sep 14
    CNG - Sep 08, Feb 09, Sep 09, Nov 10, Sep 12
    CSA - Jun 13

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    I could have written your review, had the exact same experience. Worried about CTI ( also placed here from Secret Rendezvout ) after a wonderful trip to CSA. However, like you, found it is a WONDERFUL resort. Glad you a great time.

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    My beloved CTI, so happy that you loved it.

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    So glad you thoroughly enjoyed your stay at CTI; we had a similar experience. CTI was the last of the four Couples resorts we visited. Like you, we thought it would be our least favorite. However, we were so wrong!
    We loved everything about CTI and although we are starting our rotation of the four resorts over again this December at CSS we are looking forward to a return visit to CTI.

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    Now you know why so many of love CTI. It's the best.

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    I always love hearing how someone had a fantastic vacation. We have stayed at CSA, and are trying CSS and CN this August, but now I am convinced we would love CTI just as much.

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    I super loved your review it was very thoughtful. I laughed at the shuttle comment thinking I could be the drunk people at 11:00 this saturday (when in Rome). I am very burned out from work and in need of this week long vacation that is coming shortly. You made me so excited about many things. This will be our 2nd visit to CTI. Our 1st was heaven sent. So thanks and glad you enjoyed yourselves.

    One Love,

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    Thanks for sharing your views on CTI. My husband and I have been thinking of trying it too come 2012. Our hearts are with CSA but would love to see the renovations doneand seeing Ocho Rios again! Glad to hear you were not dissapointed!!!

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    Thank you all so much for your comments. We really had a wonderful time, and as I keep telling my friends and family, especially my Aunt and Uncle who will be making their first trip to CTI next year, even though we had absolutely no complaints with the resort it was the staff that is causing us to return. As soon as they heard that we had been to CSA previously they wanted to make a point of proving that they were the best and we should make CTI our "home". Mission accomplished.

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    I am sooo glad that u really & truly enjoyed CTI. I have never been to CTI but, will b there in Sept. I especially liked your review because, IMO when guests go to the other resorts first and then CTI, they hate it. They spend their entire vacation comparing it to the other resorts. Not liking CTI for what it has to offer and it's own beauty. At least, that's the impression I have gotten from reading the MB the last year. So, when someone goes and truly likes it then I am happy. I have always said since joining the MB a year ago, that I feel CTI gets a bad rep. The people that go love them but, the people that have never been seem to think it's the worst place ever. So, thank you for your honest & detailed review. I am soooo glad that u and your wife enjoyed it.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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    Default So glad you had a great time......knew you would!

    We were so glad to hear you loved it at CTI. Having only been to CSA.....and loving it there.......we were concerned that you might be a little down on CTI, but so glad you went with it and loved every second!

    You know we considered CTI but decided to stay with CSA......but thanks to you guys, we might try CTI the next time around!

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    I agree with cj1083....your review almost made me want to check out CTI! (we're CSA loyalists - #8 trip this year)....we love CSA for the grounds and the large beach (and the staff)....every year we toy with the idea of CTI, as often it is less expensive than CSA....maybe 2012??

    Glad to hear you embraced the differences and had a great time!!

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