Greetings to all:

We're at CTI preparing for our 15 year vow renewal on Saturday. Nonetheless - love letter calls will not wait... :-)

I just called Bruce and read this letter from Kelli:

"Dear Bruce,
I can not believe that 10 year ago today I met the man of my dreams, my best friend, and the best father I could ever want for my kids. I never dreamed that commenting on a picture of your dog on would have brought such joy to my life. I think both of us knew after our first date that there was something special between us and we were not going to let that pass us by. We had fun together, our love grew, and we started our family. One that I would not trade for ANYthing in the world. I am having Randy call you today, just to let you know how much I love you, and how proud I am of you for all of the hard work that you have been doing, both at Nissan and at home. You put up with so much to support our family that there is no way that I could ever show you how truly grateful I am. You are an amazing man, and I am soo lucky to have you as my husband and my best friend.

We, like everyone else, have had some ups and downs in our relationship. But as we have learned, we can make it thru anything. I CAN NOT wait to be in paradise with you again in 9 days. I have a feeling that our 5th trip is going to be the best one yet. There is no better feeling in the world like being in paradise with the man I love, and seeing our best friends.
You know what I love about us? I love that 10 years ago today we met, and I can still call you my best friend. WE GOT THIS!!!! I love you sooo much, Bruce.

My love forever,