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    Default Anyone at CN April 14-20?


    We have 5 couples coming to CN April 14-20, all of us for the first time. Any suggestions on what would be good to do for a group? Anyone else coming at the same time?

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    Hi there, we will be there from April 14th to the 21st too! This is our 1st time at Couples Negril, stayed at Swept Away 3 yrs ago and it was fabulous..maybe we can meet? Melinda & Bruce from the Jersey Shore

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    Would love to meet up! We are from Las Vegas. One of us couples stayed at CN 3 years ago and had such a great time!! Can't wait to come back! Only 13 days to go!!!

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    We are there april 19-29. Our fifth time to cn! Cannot wait! We are from nashville.

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    will bet at CN 4-9 till 4-15 .. stayed at swept away 11 months ago and loved it .. prs too bad we will be gone when you get there me and my fiance (will be married saturday) are as well form nashville area , the boro to be exact

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    Ricks Cafe is always a fun thing to do as a group, you watch the divers and have a fun bar, pool to swim in, food etc...its a fun day, then watching the sunset is the big finale! Just beautiful..cant wait to get there..8 more days! To the 5 couples from Vegas, are you really quintuplets? You should be easy to spot then! Please email me at so we can figure out how to meet up!

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    We will be there from the 19th-26th!!! We are from Boston go SOX!!!!

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    We will be there from 4/17 to 4/24. We are from Chicago..
    Go WHITE SOX!!!!

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    Hey rjammin, we'll be there the exact same dates as you. Our plane lands at 12:44 PM. We're from Pennsylvania. See ya there!PHILLIES ROCK!!!

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    Yankees all the way!

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    Our first time too. April 16-23! Packing this weekend.
    We are from California. GO GIANTS!

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    april 15-21st.. cant wait!!!!!!.. Clemson, SC

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    Go UTEs!!! We're the only couple out of the five meeting up at CN April 14-20 from Utah. The rest are from Vegas. Bro and Sis-in-law have been here, raved about this place and got all of the cool family couples (4 ea.) talked into coming. Cannot wait! Four days and counting, see you all there!
    P.S. I'm packing my bags today!

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    Good God, I hope w're not going to be talking sports the whole time. LOL
    Would you believe we got stuck in a hailstorm yesterday (in Las Vegas) during a soccer game?! I just kept think, a few more days and i'll be in Jamaica!! The Vegas Quints are ready to party, hope the rest of the resort is too!

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    BTW, does anyone know if they serve Red Bull or sugar free Red Bull?

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    cant believe only 2 more days and we'll be in paradise! Hope we can meet up somehow about the swim up pool bar say 3 PM Thurs or Fri? I have a butterfly tattoo on my right shoulder..look for me & Bruce, tall 6'2 blonde..! would love to meet some of you!! Have a safe trip!

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    Default The day is finally here!!

    We all booked this trip back in July, it's been a very, very long wait! I think we are still in shock that the day has finally arrived. We have a long night of traveling ahead of us, but will be at Couples Negril on Thursday, I'm guessing around noon. We plan on spending time poolside and at the swim-up bar, for sure! We will look for you two there. Safe travels!

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    Wed night here in Cali and bags are packed! Boys off to grandparents Fri and we are off to paradise Sat. See you all Sunday am. have a msi tai ready.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winemom View Post
    Wed night here in Cali and bags are packed! Boys off to grandparents Fri and we are off to paradise Sat. See you all Sunday am. have a msi tai ready.
    see you at the pool on Tuesday!!!

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