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    First time to Jamaica, celebrating our 25th. My wife is leaving the details up to me and I want to do a good job. Just about ready to book. There is a price difference in ocean view rooms. I was thinking premier, but not sure if the deluxe room is basically the same. I was wondering what rooms are away from the pool. Any advice or suggestions?.

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    We were in a Premier room from 3/21 to 3/30/11 We were in building #2 which is right out by the redone old pool Bldg 2 is a brand new bldg and the rooms are very quiet and a bit larger then the other rooms. Bldg 2 is right in the middle of the resort and IMHO the best location to be in.
    The difference in price is so little compared to the superior and deluxe it is worth the small difference

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    we had a jr suite from 4/2-4/10. also in bldg 2 overlooking the main pool. this pool is much calmer than the swim up bar pool on other side of the resort, but i will say: you can hear the music at night from the patio stage. that wasn't a big deal to us as we aren't far out of college and are pretty used to all that. i just LOVED building 2 though, it's more convenient to the restaurants/bars and i highly suggest it. richli2 is right, it's a newer building and the rooms are pretty spacious.

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    We were just there from April 2-9th and were in what I think was a superior ocean (may have been a deluxe ocean as we had a free upgrade from the garden)--it was in building 5. We were VERY HAPPY as we heard absolutely nothing except the waves crashing against the shore from our balcony. We were relatively close to the pool with the swim up bar and the spa. We had a great view of the water (although it overlooked a neighboring property's pool). I would highly recommend this, if you don't mind a bit of a walk, and you want quiet and privacy.

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