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    Default booked my honeymoon!

    Hi all,

    Just booked my honeymoon aug 2012 so excited getting married on 29th July then will be coming to couples. We are going to do the twin centre 1 week in tower isle and 1 week in negril. I can't wait!

    Is there any tips you could give me? clothes, weather currency, things to do, I have looked at the website and I am overwhelmed.

    Bit nervous about the AN my partner would love to go but I am quite reserved and feel very self-conscious about going to the AN beach, any advice?

    So excited it is just so far away off! cant wait that long!

    Steph x (England, Lancashire)

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    All the posts on the message board may seem overwhelming but you have a very long time to get settled in. I would read the reviews for CTI and CN in particular. There an I wish I would have thought of that thread where people have posted packing ideas. You might want to look it up. Use the search function to find it if it isn't still on the first couple of pages. When you are reading the message board either have a notebook next to your computer or start a document where you can make notes of ideas you like and things you want to remember. You are just getting started and you have plenty of time to find out all you need to know so take a deep breath.

    There is an AN thread, you might want to check that out too.

    In the meantime, enjoy the wait. The trip itself will go very quickly so the waiting needs to be part of the fun.

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    You will have a wonderful time at both, have not been to CTI but have been to CSS and other Ocho Rios resorts several times. Visit Dunns River Falls

    In Negril, enjoy the wonderful resort and beach. You might visit Rick's Cafe for the sunset celebration.

    Try the a/n at CTI on the private island. We have been to so many Caribbean resorts and you actually meet more people and make better friends on the a/n beaches. People seem friendlier.

    Weather is Jamaica is pretty constant all year long, mid 80's during the day and high 70's at night (Perfect). Couples is real casual during the day and just slightly business casual at night.

    You need very little cash just for transfer tips, Visa/MC is accepted everywhere

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