Just beginning day 6 of 10. Once again CSA has surpassed our expecations. Coming here we were thinking of possibly trying a different Couples resort next year. Those thoughts quickly left our minds as we settled in to our Beach Verandah Suite.

You simply cannot surpass the employees friendliness, dedication and way of making you feel like a part of the Couples family. Nearly every day starts with an hour workout in one of the best fitness centers you'll find at any hotel. Following that is a quick shower, lube down with SPF 8, followed by breakfast at Palms. You simply cannot beat the homemade omlets, scrambled eggs and local delicacies.

After breakfast we like to wander down the beach for a long stroll and simply tell the many vendors "No tanks mon. Respect." A quick knuckles bump and you're on your way. We also really like the fact the security guards on the beach check you in and out as you leave the grounds. I even asked yesterday what happens if my wife doesn't make it back and they said the search party would be sent out after sunset. There goes that idea. Just kidding honey!

Once back to the resort, after all the early morning activities, we like to take a nice long morning nap on the beach. What I really like is the CSA wifi works on the beach so I can listen to my Sirius radio anytime. This morning, for my wife's birthday, today we're doing an hour massage.

After a nice nap and dip in the beautiful water, it's off to lunch at either Seagrapes, Palms or Patio's. The hardest part is choosing which one. I would say this year as compared to last, the beach has eroded in front of CSA. Probably lost a good 20-30 feet, although they say it changes from year to year. But still, "No problem mon." Have a few friends that move from different Couples resorts that come back and report this is the "Beach to Beat."

As for dinner, you simply can't find better food then Lemongrass or Feathers. OK, maybe the repeaters dinner was better, but not by much. Heading to Feathers tonight and trying the steak. Heard last night you could cut the tenderloin with a dull butter knife.

Weather has been beautiful and activities are plentiful. Went to Ricks yesterday for the sunset. Won't be doing that again. Not that the sunset wasn't beautiful, but we come to couples for the quiet and ease of it all. That's not Ricks.

Well, heading off to our massage. More reporting later.

The Morey's.