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    So probaby 3 months ago I went online to find out how much my honeymoon would be if I booked it that day. When I went to see how much I would have to pay that day, I could reserve for $400.00. Well I decided to talk to my fiance about it first and then recently I went back online to book again and it said that I would have to do $1,500.00 down. Anyone know why?

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    If you just book the Hotel it's $400. If you book flights as well you have to pay $1500 to cover some of the flight price. there is also the option, if booking hotel only to put $100 down and have $100 per month taken from that same credit card (balance due 45 days out fron the trip).

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    $400 is the deposit for room only. $1500 is for room and airfare. No change from before.
    Irie Mon

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    How far out are you looking? You may have gotten past the 445 day mark.

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