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    Default Should we do the private dinner or not?

    Everyone says how nice they are; should we do one? We're going to CSA and only have 4 nights there. The first night I'm assuming we'll want something a little more casual since we'll likely be tired from traveling. I want to make sure we get to Feathers, my husband is interested in Lemongrass and Friday night is the beach party, which I'd also like to go to. We can't do all of them!

    What say you, is the private dinner worth giving up some of the other things for???

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    Not if you're only there for 4 nights. Save it for next time. There will be a next time!

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    Everyone is going to have a differnt opinion. One thing to consider is with such a short visit how many of your evenings do you want to be locked into a schedule? Feathers and Lemongrass both require reservations and you private dinner would also be at a specified time. You aren't allowing time for a day where you just hit the beach and stay until you feel like going back to the room and then have a leisurely time getting ready to head back out perhaps spending some time enjoying your verandah...when you see those verandahs you are going to want to spend time relaxing there! Be careful booking your trip too full, allow time to do what you don't do at home...NOTHING!!!

    The other consideration is that whether this is for you is somewhat subjective. Many have done it and thought it was the greatest thing they did all week, others didn't think it was too great, others say they are glad they did it once but wouldn't do it again. So you can see that people are all over the map...tough to say whether it's for you. If you look at the picture on the CSA web site that's exactly what it looks like (first picture on the left)
    They will give you a couple menu options to choose from which can be altered to some degree but it's not like you have the choice of all the restaurants at your disposal. It's on the beach. It's a fancy, romantic dinner. If this appeals to you then go for it. One thing to consider, google a moon calendar and see what phase the moon is in. Someone wisely pointed out that a full moon leds more light and makes it easier to see, the smaller moon makes it quite dark and someone said they had a difficult time seeing the things on their's dark out there mon! Mind you the private dinner is not an included meal, you have to pay extra.

    Ultimately, if I were only there 4 nights I would book one night max for a reservation but out of 8 nights we didn't want to be tied down any nights so that's how we think.

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    I would say no. Your time is short.
    Irie Mon

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    IMO, since you are only going for 4 days I'd save the private dinner for your return visit. I know after being at CSA you'll be coming back soon. A 4 day visit will be like an appitizer: it will leave you hungry for more.

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    The first year we went, I really wanted to do one...thought it would be great. After being there, I would say if it is a special occassion, maybe yes, other than that, the food is so spectacular, I say save your money on that and spend it on a nice couples massage.

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    Default Yes!

    I would say yes!!! The lobster was so delicious!!! It is so romantic!!! And to make it that more romantic my boyfriend proposed!!!! It was such an incredible vacation there are not enough adjectives to describe how wonderful everything is!!!

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    You all are a lot more optimistic than I am that we are going to be able to make a second trip. It took us 25 years to be able to take this one; think they'll still be doing private dinners on the beach in another 25 years?

    I guess we'll pass on the private dinner. I don't want to be tied to a schedule every day we are there. Thanks, all!

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    We haven't done the private dinner, and haven't felt the need'll find that the food is FABulous at all of the restaurants, with lots of'll also find that there's plenty of opportunity to be romantic at any of the restaurants....I wouldn't stress too much about not having the dinner - just make the most of what you DO have, which is FOUR NIGHTS IN PARADISE!!

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    We will be returning to CSA for our 3rd trip to celebrate our 35th anniversary this July. We did not have a private dinner our first two trips and have not seriously considered it for this trip. We will be there for 11 nights again this summer. The dinner looks lovely and very romantic. All who have dined privately post that it is worth it. Follow your heart and budget and go with what works for the two of you.

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    We did it at CN. It was nice... at first. I found it a bit too long with all the courses. And to be totally honest, the food was luke warm, which is to be expected I guess. We had our meal in the treehouse and it is quite a walk from the restaurant.

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    Cambed...we haven't done the dinner yet. We're one of those lucky couples getting $700 in resort credit this year. And the reason you mentioned "we don't want to be tied to a schedule" is the only thing holding us back from doing it this year. Our lives are full of schedules at home. We love the idea of having nowhere to be for a full week.

    Enjoy!!!! And start stashing away money now for your second trip. Once you go, you'll know!

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    Save the money you would spend on a private dinner for a love away deposit... a little saved each week will get you to your goal pretty quickly!
    I never contemplated the private dinner as it is not like the restaurants a family style... all ur meals are pretty private. Save your money or go to the spa instead

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