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    Default Where to go??

    OK - I know this question has been asked litterally 1,000 times on this board, but I hate round numebrs so I thought I'd make it 1,001

    We've been to CTI twice - both before and after the renovation.

    We've been to Negril Twice - 11 years ago, and last year.

    We didn't think we were going to get to come home this year but recently decided we can't go without - we need ot come home if even for a little while.

    So we're looking at a long 4th of July weekend (7/1 - 7/5) to get away. We're normally just torn between wether to go back to CN or CTI - but we've decided to get back to our original plan when we went back to CTI 5 years ago - visit all 4 resorts.

    So now we're torn - do we go back to a resort we know and love, or do we try one of the others (CSS or CSA).

    We aren't interested in off-site excursions, we're not as interested in the activities as we are the service (which we know will be expemplorary whereever we end up), the food, the beach, and the romanticism of the resort.

    Right now we're leaning heavily toward CSA - we'd like to hear from everyone else though - why do you love the resort you go to? What makes you go back?

    Thank you & Respect,

    Craig & Lynn

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    We have only been to CSS, and our first trip was a short 4-night long weekend. Honestly, it was just enough time to fall in love with the lush greenery and romantic walking paths at Sans Souci. We are more into activities than the beach, although we did find time to bask in the warm Jamaican sun while we were there. The Fri-Tuesday stay at CSS will give you the Gala Friday night and time to explore the other restaurants and enjoy your repeater's credit!

    The spa locations at CSS are built into the cliffs and overlook the ocean bay. You can hear the waves crashing below (depending on which location) during your treatment, which is also fabulous.

    If the beach is your decision maker, then CSA is probably a better choice. However, don't discount CSS! I like the smaller, private beach at CSS. Yes, it is more natural, so there is sea grass, but every morning the beach is well manicured and ready to meet the needs of CSS guests. Of course there is also the A/N beach, which we always enjoy on Monday evenings when clothing is permitted.

    We are having a terrible time making the decision to try CN instead of returning home to CSS.
    Top 5 reasons why I want to go back to CSS:
    1. ROOMS - The secret to our relationship is just the right amount of personal space, so the 1 BR Ocean Suite is perfect. We spend a little more time in our rooms, keeping in touch with our small business at home, quality time on the verandah, etc., and the spacious, crisp accommodations at CSS has been the hardest thing I know I will have to give up as we explore the other properties.
    2. The Grounds - from taking a long walk around the property and watching the wildlife at the pond to navigating the steps from the Spa to the Hibiscus Cottage, there is always a beautiful, tranquil rain forest environment to explore.
    3. Charlie's Spa - Fantastic treatments, amazing cliffside huts
    4. Watersports - I know this is pretty much the same throughout the Couples resorts, but Christopher and Patrick have been fantastic at keeping us occupied, whether under water or on a boat!
    5. The Grotto - hidden little romantic gem with natural mineral water that I swear makes my sunburn and bug bites fell a thousand times better!

    Why do we want to try Negril? (CSA or CN, they are pretty much tied given these reasons)
    1. Activities - Catamaran Cruise! We've done Dunn's and lots of activities in Ocho Rios, so it's time to check out the other side
    2. Beach - CSS is beautiful and private, but I can definitely appreciate the perfect white sand/turquoise water in Negril, even if there are more vendors to politely decline.

    That got way longer than I had anticipated, but I hope it helps a little. By the way, if anyone can comment on my dilemma about choosing a room at CN, I would love to hear it! I think the Garden Suite may be the ticket..
    - Kiki

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    We went to CSS in 2009 and while it is GORGEOUS, the service and food are outstanding, CSA is our "home". We leave in 5 days for trip#4 to CSA. All the resorts are special but CSA ROCKS! The beach can't be beat.

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    CN (3) times after trying a bunch of other resorts in Jamaica and then (1) time to CSS. We are going to CSA in November because we have either driven by it on the road or on a boat.

    We really like Negril, but.. CSS was nice.

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    We did the same as you in wanting to stay at all 4 resorts. We started with CSS, which we love as it's the most romantic of all the Couples resorts. We then went to CTI with a follow on visit to CSS and found that CTI was not our style compared to CSS. We went to CSA last year with a side visit to CSS and liked the activity and beach of CSA better than CSS but still consider CSS home since that's where we got married and that was our first Couples resort. This year (6 days) we'll be heading to CSA and CN so we'll be able to say we've done what we set out to do...stay at all 4.
    The thing you'll find is that no matter which resort you choose there is no such thing as a bad Couples resort!
    If CSA is calling to you then go with it. You'll find it to have more food selection and a more up-beat atmosphere. The beach is wider than CN (checked it out during Trading Places last year) but not as deep. If you go there be sure to experience Ultimate Chocolate on the "Blazing Piano" and spend some time dancing at the Aura Lounge. In comparison CSA seems to have a more similar flavor to CN than it does to CTI.

    Hope this helps you out in making your choice!

    Bart & Bug

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    CSA is SO romantic. I have been there and to CTI and if you thought CTI was romantic, then multiply that by 100 and you'll have CSA. I think your idea of going to all the resorts is a great one. You should definitely try one of the other resorts. I think you will be happy with CSS or CSA, but if it were me, I'd got with CSA all the way. Good luck deciding.

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    Thank you all - we decided that CSA was calling us for a reason. Just booked our trip for July 1st.

    It feels kinda nice to START our countdown in the double digits.

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