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    Booked my honeymoon for 2012 to couples so excited we are doing the twin centre to ocho rios and negril. Is there anything we should know? any specific items we need to bring etc. Can't wait and read so many good reviews. What do men wear in the evening? can they wear 3 quarter pants.

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    As far as what to bring look for the I wish I would have thought of that's pages and pages long and been going for a while, you'll find this info there.

    As far as what to wear it depends where you are eating. You might want to visit the FAQ page as well as the page for the resorts you are visiting, both great places for tons of info including dress codes for the restaurants. Men at the more casual restaurants are wearing either shorts or lightweight pants with polo style or hawaiian style shirts, nice flip-flops or sandals are appropriate. I didn't see any men in 3-quarter pants but they would be appropriate in the casual restaurants. The reservation restaurants have dress codes and would include pants, again visit the web pages and you'll see.

    You don't say which resort in Ocho Rios and Negril you are visiting but check out the appropriate web pages.

    Link to the FAQ page:

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    Personally it depends on where you're having dinner. I generally am in light weight slacks (I love linen pants in Jamaica), and a golf or "hawaiian" shirt.

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