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    Is a romance rewards account for each couple, or should my wife sign up as well?

    Secondly, when looking around the Romance Rewards site I went ahead did the 'pre-checkin' for our trip at the end of June. Is that too early to have done so, should I wait until a time closer to the trip and do it again?


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    One romance rewards account per couple. This is a little early to be doing precheck-in, generally just a few days ahead is best. However, as I recall this is your first visit. Precheck-in is for making sure your perks will be available and you won't be eligible for any so I wouldn't fret it this trip. For the future, wait until the week of your trip.

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    Here's the excerpt from the Romance Rewards terms and conditions.

    "You cannot have more than one account per household. If you are incorrectly assigned more than one account, you should call the Romance Rewards Department to have one membership cancelled. Nights Stayed may not be transferred or assigned. Corporations, companies, associations and groups cannot enroll in the Program."

    I know because we originally signed up individually and tried to get one eliminated, but no response from the Romance Rewards department. This was 18 months ago.
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    It's for you as a couple. Not sure, we usually do the pre-check in within a month before departure.

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