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    Default Does CN sell nice sweatshirts??

    2 weeks from today, yippee!!!! I collect sweatshirts wherever I go and was wondering if CN sells nice woman's sweatshirts. I go into shock coming home from tropical locations so am planning on getting a sweatshirt, will I have any luck??? Will I have to look for one of the sellers on the beach, or do they have a shop, not sure yet whether my husband and I want to venture off the property yet, so not sure if that's an option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PennyG View Post
    ... I collect sweatshirts wherever I go and was wondering if CN sells nice woman's sweatshirts. ....
    According to Wally, the gift shop sells sweatshirts.
    See the following for his advice:

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    I got 2 nice sweatshirts at CN last January. One from the Gift Shop that had "Jamaica" on it and one from the Botique that had "Couples Negril" on it. One was brown and the other had wide horizontal brown and white stripes. Each cost $39. I wear a medium, so I got mediums and didn't try them on. When I got home they were about 2 sizes too small for me so I gave them to a neighbor for thier 12 year old kid. TRY IT ON BEFORE YOU BUY IT!!!

    I have bought many T-shirts at CN, CSA, CTI and CSS and they have always fit well, so I didn't worry about the sweatshirts.
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    I'm not sure about the resorts but you might have better luck at the airport.

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    I purchased a fleece zip up hoodie when I was there at Christmas. I think it was $45 USD. It has washed well.
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    I don't remember any in the shops at cn but got a cute one at the airport on the way home.

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    Hi Penny,When I was there in Dec. I got a really nice zipper hooded sweatshirt with the Couples logo in the gift shop at CN. It was in the clothing store. I used my credit but I believe it was about $30.(thou don't hold me to it)Just don't throw it in the dryer as I did by accident and now the sleeves are a bit short. They also have sweatshirts in the airport but not with Couples logo on it.Enjoy!

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    Here's the Couples online store. See if you can find one at this site.
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