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    Does anyone know how far it is (or how long of a drive in minutes) from CSS to the Sandals Golf & Country club course?

    Has anyone taken a cab instead of the resort shuttle? If yes, do you remember how much the ride cost?


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    It is about a 15 min ride from CSS to the Golf Club.

    Last year, we finished our round early and instead of waiting about an hour for the return shuttle we got a cab back to the hotel. I think it cost us $20 for the cab.

    Hope you have a great time

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    It is maybe 15 mins and the shuttle is fine, I think another group took a cab back and it was $20

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    Iam going to be atCSS april 22-29 if you are interested in golfing we could share a cab back to the resort after golf let me know on this form

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