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    Default CSA: May 23-June 2

    Wanted to know if any other couples would be at CSA during this time and if anyone would be interested in going on a group trip to Floyd's Pelican Bar?

    Only 37 more days!

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    We will be there May 28 - June 4. I think it would be great if we had a group go while we were there! Count us in!

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    Also, you may want to put this thread on the Meet Up At Couples - CSA board. Lots of couples staying at CSA during those dates.

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    Will be there 21-28. Posted this already on meet up board.

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    What is Floyd's Pelican Bar? We'll be there from 05/22 - 05/31 and plan on doing some excursions on 05/26 & 05/27.

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