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    Default How much for couples massage?

    My husband and I had a couples massage at CSS 2 yrs ago and it was wonderful. We were on our honeymoon and it came off our resort credit. We are coming back may 2 and we qualify for romance rewards. But this time it's the $ 100.00 credit, and I want to make sure we can use it for a couples massage and have some left over for the gift shop. You know I have to bring some of that blue mountain coffee home with me that massage will be one of the first things we do when we get there. Last time I was really sick and couldn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked. Can't wait to do it again!! Can anyone help?

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    Under the thread- Announcing the New Romance Rewards ( which is a closed topic ), the very last entry was from Randymon, and he states that a his/her massage for 25 minutes is $110. ( he posted this on March 31).

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    I was at css in march and we splurged on a 55 min couple massage. It was 210 and worth every cent! Ask for kenneth he was amazing... ahhhhh thinking of it now....

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    Try this link for the pricing of all the services at the SPA.
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    Basically instead of getting the 30 min massage ($110 value), you get $100 to spend however you want. Some people maybe don't use the massage for whatever reasons so this helps everyone.

    We got the free massage last time for our honeymoon. We immediately booked the hour massage before crossing the street. Its twice the cost but worth it.

    Id recommend getting the massage early on your trip in case you get sunburned later.

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    If you Siggned up for Romance rewards you get A 30 massage to begin with, So it depends how long you want your massage.
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    My husband and I only qualify for the "young love" romance rewards, so according to the updated rewards program we don't get a 30 min massage. That's why I was asking how much it is..

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    Quote Originally Posted by river View Post
    If you Siggned up for Romance rewards you get A 30 massage to begin with, So it depends how long you want your massage.
    Massages are no longer offered with the new Romance Rewards program. Instead, depending on your status, the member is given resort credits which can be used toward spa charges or anything else that can be charged to the room.

    Also, you don't get any of the credits until AFTER you have stayed at Couples. The only benefit you get as a first time vacationer at Couples is the option to do Trading Places for a day.
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