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    Default Tours in Negril, Off site Excursions and donating school supplies

    I want to enjoy the resort, but also want to see what real Jamaica is about. Wife and I would like to do a couple of off site excursions, really see Jamaica and it's beautiful country/people. Are there any tours you guys would recommend??

    Also the wife would like to know how you go about donating school supplies? Is there a local school in Negril that Couples has adopted? Can we visit and deliver?

    Thanks J&A
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    Bring and drop off at front desk. Ask them about visiting a school.

    Or send them to Issa Trust in Iowa.

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    I would love to learn more about tours that aren't too touristy. I know that sounds strange (since I am a tourist) but last time we did YS Falls, Black River and Appleton and I felt as though we were being herded from one place to another. It was okay, but I would have a hard time recommending it to someone. I'd like to see more of Jamaica and go outside the resort but someplace more genuine would be nice.

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    There are many good tours in the Negril area that can be done in about 6-8 hours... leaving about 9 am or earlier and returning before dinner. Mayfield or YS Falls, the Appleton Estate, Bamboo Bar, Dolphin Tours, etc, etc, etc. Do your research. Its a great idea to get out and about with the Jamaican people... experience what happens "off-campus" as it were.

    As for school supplies, each of the Couples Resorts participates in adopt-a-school programs that guests can participate in. Simply drop off school supplies and books at the front desk. They'll be most appreciative. Alternatively, donations can be made to the Issa Foundation for use in education and other programs of note.

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    When we were at CSA in Negril in 2005 we went on the atv excursion. It is close by which was great. We had a brief lesson then off we went up creek beds and to a little church on the mountain. We also got to visit a school full of children. It was so great being able to really see some of Jamaica and the people there. I had never been on an atv and I did just fine with it. Out of 6 excursions that week that was the best by far. You probably couldn't take the supplies on the atv's, but I know there are people that will tell you about donating supplies at the resort.

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    Can you tell me more about the ATV excursion? It looks like you will get real muddy and it is quite adventurous.

    Has any one been on Jamaica Rhino Safari-Negril?
    "Enjoy 2 ˝ hrs at sea riding the Rhino, Negril’s and Jamaica’s newest sensation. With an expert to guide you, take command of a super-stable, outboard powered, two seat Rhino rider inflatable. Set out on an unforgettable voyage of exploration. Beautiful river, coves, caves, beaches, flying fish and exotic birds. Then Snorkel and enjoy a tasty Jamaican food and drinks. "

    It sounds fun but the website is lame and I can not find reviews online.

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    We didn't get muddy at all on the atv's, but we went in June and it was really dry!! I am sure if you have more wet weather you will get a little muddy, but that would be the fun of it!! It is very adventurous and an amazing time. We don't like the typical tourist stuff so it was a blast. The Rhino Safari sounds awesome for sure. If you cannot find reviews on it then I would ask the reservation desk at the resort if they know anything about it. I would be worried going on an excursion that no one really knows much about. The atv's were fun because we got to drive them ourselves instead of just riding along.

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    Thanks. I emailed the rhino people and I hear nothing back.

    I asked my wife to be about ATVs and she said it is not something she is really interested in doing. I really want to do scuba but if she doesnt want to do that then I will try to talking her into ATVs.

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    The Rhino is a Boat!

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    Default Mt. Airy All-Age School

    I am a preschool teacher and have a friend that works at the Mt. Airy All-Age school. We visited last year and shared artwork from my class and exchanged it with her class! We also took them supplies for their class and they were very appreciative! They are always in need of pencils and notebook paper! It was truly a great experience....if you would like more me at and I can give you the principal's name and phone number for the school! You really should check it out!


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