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    Default Ladies, do you wear good jewelry?

    I have seen several posts regarding keeping your wedding rings and other good jewelry in the safe in the room. I am wondering the purpose of this. Is it not safe to have your jewelry on while traveling, or is it mostly due to being on the beach in the day. I am not sure if I should wear a necklace that i never remove, or if I should leave it at home...

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    I wear my wedding rings and aniversary ring but not on the beach. I don't wear excessive jewelry when we leave the property but I don't do that when travelling in the states either. Common sense is a good rule of thumb.

    Carol and Dave

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    I don't bring nice jewelry when on vacation, not because I don't think it will be "safe", but more because I fear losing it. I wear my wedding rings of course, but may consider storing it in the safe if we go SCUBA diving this trip.

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    My engagement and wedding rings never leave my fingers. Other than that I leave all my nice jewlery at home. It has nothing to do with safety (I've never felt anything but secure at Couples.) I just don't want the worry of accidently losing a piece in the sand or in luggage at the airport.

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    We haven't been to Couples before - this August will be our first trip - but we have traveled to the Caribbean numerous times.

    I never bring any "real" jewelery - not because of any safety concern, but because I don't want to risk losing it! I usually buy some *fun* jewelery before we go - that I won't be crushed if I lose.

    I think when you bring things that are valuable, then you worry about them - are they safe in the room? did you remember to take them off before going snorkeling? etc - I've heard lots of stories of newly married people losing their freshly minted rings in the ocean!

    I try to have as little to worry about as possible - so if there's a chance I'll be fussing over jewelery - I'd just as soon not bring it!

    But maybe that's just me...

    PS In terms of safety - I have found that generally the resorts are very safe, but the towns are not always so...

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    Necklace should be fine. I wear my rings but not on excursions or when swimming. I too wear a necklace I never take off and have had no issues
    Erika & Sean

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    I left my wedding ring/band at home and just wore another ring my husband gave me for Christmas on my wedding finger. It's a nice ring but only a few hundred $. IMO, it's just not worth worrying about expensive jewelry when you're on vacation. Unless your somewhere on your own, outside the resort area, I think you're safe, but why risk losing your valuables on the beach or in the ocean?

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    That's a good question. I am getting married on 11/4 there and pondering the same question. I don't mind wearing a cheap necklace set, but for my pictures I actually want my real engagement ring/wedding band to be shown. Not sure if I want to bring a fake set.

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    People tend to lose rings on the beach with the sunscreen and salt water. I think this is the biggest reason. I have lost earrings, but not my rings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meggy43 View Post
    I have seen several posts regarding keeping your wedding rings and other good jewelry in the safe in the room. I am wondering the purpose of this. Is it not safe to have your jewelry on while traveling, or is it mostly due to being on the beach in the day. I am not sure if I should wear a necklace that i never remove, or if I should leave it at home...
    The only jewelry I always wear is a pair of small diamond studs and my wedding ring and diamond. I've decided to leave both of these at home. I don't want to have anything to worry about while I'm there - including whether or not my jewelry is safe. If it would ruin your trip if you lost it - leave it home.

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    I have never taken any jewelry with me. I am just too scared of loosing it. There are some people who take it with them and just leave it in the safe until dinner. Most people make comments on rings falling off in the sand and ocean. I would imagine a necklace would be ok. I just play the better safe than sorry card

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    I think most people's concern is simply losing a rung on the beach or at the pool. Fingers can get very slippery with sunscreen! I personally wouldn't worry about a necklace that I never remove anyway. However, my wife's wedding ring is a heirloom passed down from her grandmother, so we will simply leave the rings at home.

    Donny & Amy

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    The main reason I don't wear good jewelry is because I am on the beach most of the day. In the mornings I run- - -take a quick shower- - -then off to the beach! Keeping your good jewelry in the safe is a great, while you are exercising and enjoying the sun.

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    The issue with wedding rings is the combo of greasy sunscreens and water making your fingers slippery so the rings fall off. We use Coppertone Sport which is not greasy and I've worn my wedding rings all 15 trips and never had a problem. Not denying the problems of others I'm just relating my own experience. Indeed, even a well fitting ring can become very loose under those circumstances so you need to be aware and evaluate your situation. If you lose it in the water I can almost guarantee you won't find it again. Even in the sand, if you know immediately that it has come off it's still pretty unlikely you'll find it. If you are walking your hand is in a swinging motion so you have no idea where it landed for instance.

    Other jewelry such as that necklace you need to consider the impact of sunscreen, salt water. Is the clasp secure?

    You don't need to worry about jewelry being stolen from you, this isn't the issue with wearing your valuables. If you do choose to leave items in your room I would recommend leaving them in your safe. I've left my camera, my laptop, my cell phone, any number of things sitting right out in the room and never had anything messed with but it seems silly to tempt fate. Be smart and put small items in your safe if you are not in your room.

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    I do not wear my engagement ring when I travel anywhere nor do I bring good jewelry. And I never were jewelry when at the beach as I am in the water all the time and do not want to have to worry about it slipping off.

    I have some very nice costume pieces I wear in the evenings to dinner.

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    My wife bought some inexpensive costume stuff for the trip. Again, not worried about theft but losing it in the sand or the ocean.

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    Ladies who are planning to get married there can also ask them to lock their engagement ring (if you choose to bring it at all), in the Hotel Safe @ the front desk. Otherwise, I'd leave the diamonds at home. A good friend of mine's wife got engaged in Florida of all places and had her's stolen from her room safe so you can never be too safe with diamonds.

    My wife chooses never to bring any real jewlery except for her wedding band. The rock always stays at home.

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