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    Default Calling Home Via Skype - IPhone or Itouch

    Has anyone tried this? If you have wifi connection, can you place Skype calls for free while in Jamaica? My bday is during our trip and the family wants to call on Skype.


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    We did this in Feb at CN and the skype to skype worked really well but we did have to buy skype minutes to call to a cell at home to talk to our son

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    I believe you have to buy minutes for Skype but you do not ahve to pay for the data if you connect via wifi. You can also use Facetime for free if you have an iphone 4 or newest generation ipod touch.

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    I use Skype to call back to the USA from my netbook as well as my phone. Works fine with wifi as long as the signal is good and it does take Skype credit to make the calls.

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    Am I right that credits are not needed to connect to a regular computer from an ipod touch?

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    Default Skype Account

    You only need to buy minutes on your Skype account if you are calling a land line or a cell phone. If you are using Skype from an Iphone with wireless or from a laptop, and are calling another computer, Skype is free and you won't need to purchase any minutes.

    I travel overseas for work and use Skype quite often and it works great. You can use it for free for Instant Messaging, Voice calls or video calls as long its from PC to PC or IPhone/Itouch to PC and you have wifi connected.

    We used it on our last trip to CSS and brought a cheap, $15 web-cam so we could do video calls with the kids. We could connect to the wireless right from the room and it worked great.

    Hope this helps and have fun!!

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