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    As anyone checked the airfares lately? We just came back from Couples and we paid $475 each to fly from Maine. Just check today- for next March and is $1000 each. Yikes- I can only hope it goes down.

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    Yes, I have been watching them daily... They actually came down quite a bit today. At least American Airlines did!

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    Default hope this helps a little

    We are so glad we booked our flights early. Another thread was saying the same thing. We live in the midwest and leave in June, but booked over 2 months ago. WOW. that would be horrible if couples have to cancel. NAME YOUR OWN PRICE on can save you 40% but you can't cancel or have choices. I have used pricline on many trips and saved us tons of money over the yrs.
    WATCH THO: sometimes it's cheaper just going through the actual airline then using these discounted websites. Do your homework!
    (name your own price is always cheaper, but a lil' risky on what you get for dept. times, but we have used many times w/ no problem and saved a lot of money. Start your bid within reason!)
    Have SAFE trips everyone!

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    I have. We booked in January and decided at that time to book airfare. I had heard gas was going to skyrocket, and even though I was told to wait until closer to the travel date, decided to take a gamble and purchase early. I'm so glad I did! Tickets are over double now then when I paid in January. With rumors of $5 a gallon I can't imagine they're going to drop anytime soon.


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    I can only hope that it go down for u. That's crazy!! Right now ours is $422 pp from Chicago in Sept. That's decent.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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    I just checked USAirways for January 2012. I don't know if they're having a sale, but the R/T price (before taxes and fees) is $348 (from Buffalo to MoBay with one-stop). That is dirt cheap. I've heard that you should check airfares on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Not sure how true that is, but I found another good airfare today for a different flight.

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    Well, it IS a bit soon to be booking air, but picking the best time to book airfare is always a crap shoot... good luck!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    It is never too soon to book airfare. Especially for international flights. Here is how I see it:

    Take your city for example. Unless it's a major one like NY or Chicago, etc. there are probably a limited number of flights each day to MBJ. Domestic flights are much less likely to book up as fast because of the higher number of them. So while waiting to book a flight to Denver might save you money, the longer you wait to book internationally could decrease your chances of getting on board at all.

    I booked a flight from New Orleans to MBj for $450. That's $150 cheaper than the last trip I took. My trip is in May and so I started looking in June of last year. The price stayed the same every day through August, then went down a little. I knew what range I wanted and in Sept it dropped even more so I booked. At that time there were plenty of seats to choose from. Fast forward to January and the prices had gone back up over $500. Since then, only single seats are available and nothing under $490 has been available. So booking early not only got me the best price but also a seat up front. The Spring is never a good time to save money on airfare because they always add fuel charges for the Summer gas hikes.

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    Wait a little longer. Mybe all the airlines aren't out yet. It's usually 300 days out. Once everyone is published then there will be more competition.

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