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    We have traveled to Jamaica over 14 times and soon plan on spending my 40th birthday in Negril! How is the weather in October! We have been in late November and usually have had great weather...I just would hate to be there and risk lots of rain b/c of hurricane season! Give me your thoughts!!!!

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    Expect more rain,but the rain that does fall is usually a quick shower of a about 30 minutes and back to sun.
    In Jamaica they call it liquid sunshine!

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    We have been to Jamaica 15 times either in later October or early November. Jamaica doesn't really have seasons, temps vary minimally through the year...literally 4-5 degrees. Hurricane "season" doesn't bring the rain a hurricane brings the rain and it's pretty difficult to predict one of those. We were there last October which happened to be one of the more difficult years for Jamaica as far as storms go. When we landed it had been raining for the past hours according to our driver but it quit during the night, our next day was cloudy but no rain and the rest of the trip was the usual Negril weather with afternoon showers on some days. We had a fabulous trip with plenty of sun. I say go and celebrate your birthday in paradise.

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    When we were making our decision for our fall trip I googled "atlantic hurricanes 2010,2009,2008,2007,20065"

    It shows you date and where they went..

    We picked the 3rd week of November.

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    Thanks for the advice..I know it's impossible to predict...We spent my husband's 40th there and I really want to be there on I figure a birthday in Paradise is great no matter what the weather!!!!!!

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    We have been in October twice and both times it was very rainy, water was choppy and many days, it rained very hard and areas flooded. Others will tell you their October trip was fine but you can look up this fact- October is THE rainiest month for Jamaica. We now go in the summer. Having said all this, we still had a fabulous time in October.

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    Thanks for all the info...still can't decide what I want to to celebrate there but want lots of sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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