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    Default Anyone Had a Facial at CSA?

    We have a $600 credit to use at CSA in a few weeks. My wife has never had a facial and wants to try it. Worried about getting to much sun though and if there is anything to worry about. I myself have no clue what a facial is but I thought I'd ask for her.

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    I had the European Facial last January at CSA. I thought that she did a nice job. A facial mostly involves deep cleansing and the applications of a lot of goo.

    If they do any type of peel or dermabrasion, she will need to stay out of the sun. Try for just a classic facial. It's very relaxing, and includes a shoulder and hand massage.

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    I had a wonderful facial at CSA. It was the 10 step. When we went to CSS the following week I had another but it was the really expensive one for mature skin (150 bucks) and I didnt like it at all!
    I would stay away fron any that have a peel while you are down there.
    My husband works in construction and is constantly around dirt. I decided to surprise him with a facial too. He had the 12 step super duper one and just loved it!

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    Thanks. I told her it might be worth doing the last day if she wants a full one.

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    It would also be helpful to get one later in the day, say 4 o'clock or so, after the sun and beach. They are very good in the spa for all of their treatments - never had a bad experience.

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    Both my husband and I had a facial at CSA in March. We went for our repeaters massage and then booked the facial. The therapist said they would decide which facial to give us when we got there 4 days later. She wanted to make sure we received the right facial after being in the sun. We both got the European facial and it was great. This was my husband's first facial- he will be getting another next year when we visit.

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