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    Default 10-Day CSA/First Timer Countdown... Last Minute ???s

    Hi Everyone! My boyfriend and I are at the 10-day mark of our countdown for our first Jamaica/CSA trip! We have a few last minute newbie questions...

    1. Is the private dinner worth the price of $170? I've read it won't be lobster season so what would they serve us?

    2. I read some posts about Rockhouse restaurant and a sunset dinner. Would this be a better option for a romantic dinner vs. the private dinner at CSA? What are the transport costs?

    3. Again, since we are newbies, do you recommend that we do the hotel orientation?

    4. We signed up for the Romance Rewards and did the pre check-in. Do we need to call ahead to make sure they recieved it?

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    1. this is subjective. Most say it's fabulous and definitely worth it. we thought it was nice, but would rather have spa treatments. (But then, we're massage-a-holics.)

    2. Not sure. Sorry. Sounds interesting, though.

    3. Most say yes. We never did, and really enjoyed getting lost and discovering things on our own. Looks like they do have a great time on the orientation tour, though.

    4. Nope. You should be all set.

    Enjoy your trip. We're just a few short days behind you.
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    We are at our 13 day countdown mark for CSA. We are first timers too and are soooooo excited. I can't seem to get anything done because all I think about is this trip and getting married!

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    I say have dinner at either Rockhouse or Ivans at Catcha Falling Star. The experience of dining on the cliffs and the atmosphere alone is worth it. The foods great too! I'm pretty sure Rockhouse has free pick up for dinner, you would just be responsible to pay for taxi back,shouldn't cost more than $10 dollars or so, you could probably set it up with the driver who takes you.I don't know if Ivans provides free dinner transport. I don't think so.but it doesn't hurt to ask.
    And as far as orientation, it all depends on how much of a message board junkie you've been I researched our trip so much before our first trip that I felt like I could have been giving the orientation tour myself. But I"m sure it couldn't hurt to take the tour, CSA does have ALOT to offer and it would be a shame if you missed out on something because you weren't aware of it.
    Have a great trip!

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    19 day countdown for our first trip too (CSA). I am also pondering the private dinner with the resort credit. I think at the end of the day, as relaxed as I want my wife, too many massages might keep her asleep; so, private dinner will net me more return on my investment ;-) lol. I'm also gonna take her to Rockhouse or Ivan's for a nice sunset dinner offsite.

    I can't wait!

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    The private dinner is very subjective, as Vee said many people like it but others say they didn't think it was worth the money and would rather spend the $$$ at the spa. I'm with Vee, I'd spend the money at the spa. We saw the dinners set up on the beach and they were beautiful, just like the picture on the web page. One thing has been pointed out, if it's a full moon the lighting is wonderful, if the moon is small someone mentioned it was a bit difficult to might google a moon phase calendar and see where it will be for your trip.

    Many have also spoken highly of Rockhouse but again I think this is personal as to whether you'd do it instead of or at all. We didn't care to leave the resort but the reason would apply to a private dinner as well...we don't like to be on a time schedule at all while in Jamaica.

    We did as Vee suggested, skip orientation and enjoy discovering the resort. This may be a personal thing as well, some swear by orientation so do what fits your personalities. It's certainly not a waste of time but I had spent so much time here on the message board we felt we had a good handle on the essentials and again we didn't want to be on a schedule (even that once) and we just really enjoyed discovering the resort. I don't believe we missed out on anything by not going but some people would have been crazy not having all the information they give you. The couple we traveled with did it and came and told us things they learned...I just nodded my head as it was stuff I'd been telling them for months.

    No need to verify your precheck-in. The purpose is to be sure your romance rewards perks will be available and as first time visitors the only thing you are eligible for is the trading places, not something that requires the precheckin. The don't verify your precheck-in at this time though they are working on some sort of verification as it will be required for the perks in the future (it isn't REQUIRED at this time). If you visit a Couples in the future you might want to see if this has been implemented but for this trip you are good-to-go.

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    We will be there in 10 days too for our first time! Can't wait!

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    We just came back from CSA on April 2nd. We did not do the private dinner but there were many going on when we were there and they looked lovely. As for the orientation we did do it. I had done a lot of research also but still felt that we learned a lot and got a lot of pointers from our guide, Theresa. Probably the BEST thing about the orientation was meeting her. She is amazing. She is like Julie, the cruise director from the love boat, and the energizer bunnie rolled into one! We ran into her everyone and she always had a great smile for us. When we left she was hugging everyone and was so genuine. So, even if you feel you are comfortable with CSA I woule take the tour just to meet some great people.

    We did the precheck in also and did not call ahead-everything was all set. Have a great time!


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    We always go to Rockhouse for drinks and dinner and this time have booked the famous "Rock Table" for a late dinner. This is a great table and we are really looking forward to the experience!

    We always go off property at least once and would not consider a private dinner at the resort as we prefer a totally different experience.

    Dinner at Rockhouse runs us under $100 with drinks and wine and transport is free to the restaurant. To get home is about $10.

    This trip we are visiting Ivan's as well.

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