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    Default CN feb 21st to March 1st

    Here is a long over due report of our stay this past February.

    Check-in- Fantastic as always, we were met in the lobby by some staff members who we met over our previous stays. They knew ahead of time of our pending arrival and were gracious enough to be at the lobby and welcome us with great big smiles and hugs!!!!

    The front desk had everything in order upon our arrival and once again accommodate us with a first floor room in building #1. I always request this as I have had numerous surgeries recently and building # 1 makes my stay a lot easier and accommodating to my aches and pains!!!!

    Restaurants- LYCHEE was amazing for our returners dinner, and was excellent on the other nights we dined there. HELICONIA is our favorite and did not disappoint, we love the food and service here and the somewhat oceanfront dining, feels the most romantic to us. CASSAVA was excellent as usual for breakfast and lunch, we dined there a few nights when it was ala carte and the meals were very good, I am not a fan of buffets but the Saturday night buffet is absolutely outstanding. OTAHEITE we dined here one night and the service and staff were outstanding, but once again as in past visits I am not very impressed with the dining itself, we were only able to reserve one night for a table for two and for a restaurant that you need reservations, dress code (not big deal to us as we dress this way every evening)the portions were very tiny and not very good. Few examples, soup 3 tablespoons with full very little shrimp chunks if any in it, pizza appetizer was a dish full with salad that we thought was the wrong dish, until the waiter suggested we move the salad and there underneath was a cracker size pizza with a small glazing of goat cheese??. Not to belabor but I think a restaurant that is presented with high esteem as Otaheite should really wow me and it didn't, only once in four trips dining there did it do that. (sorry just my opinion)

    Grill- excellent great place to have available, especially the night we decided to take short nap before diner and did not wake until 230AM LOL and had diner at 3AM at the grill!!!

    Water sports and staff were excellent and as friendly and accommodating as ever. The dive pool is also a great place to stop and take a quick dip in the afternoon after walking the beach round trip a couple of times.

    Catamaran trip- Our first as my wife brought along her trans dermal patch for motion sickness, it was a fabulous time. Spike was told prior to boarding by the fabulous lady who ran our trip that she could tan topless up front on the netting and so she did along with a few other young ladies from Canada. This was going well and very low key until two other catamarans from another resort pulled alongside and they had a hell of a mix of topless, naked, partially dressed and fully suited passengers of all shapes and sizes!! Well spike stood up and waved to them and that created a frenzy of sort and a few swam over to our cruise boarded us and wanted to piratize Spike and take her back to their catamaran. She obliged with a few photos with them but declined to switch boats, it was a very hilarious time and great deal of fun. Some passengers on our cruise seemed a little horrified by it all but oh well it was just in fun.There were a few of our passengers really dancing up a storm on the pole on the boat, its amazing the rhythm that rum brings out in some people!!!! We can not wait for our return trip to do the CAT cruise again.

    OK that's it for today I will finish up with the rest tomorrow!!!! Beach, beach bar, pool and staff.

    Returning Aug 8th for 10 night stay!!!!
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    To continue with my initial post a few more items to mention.

    GYM- it was excellent, Wayne was great he helped set me up with some exercise for my back and shoulder and put Spike thru a very rigorous program each morning and was there bright eyed and ready to go each morning at 645AM.

    SPA- our friends!! having had our rooms directly across from the spa the last four years we have gotten to know the staff well not only from our visits to them for messages but also from hanging out on our terrace and seeing them all the time. Our messages and other treatments Spike received were all excellent, professional and top notch, with all my surgeries and now aches pains and arthritis they do a hell of a job working around all that stuff and make me feel great!!!

    POOL BAR- what can I say its always a blast later in the day and FRANKLYN rocks along with Amanda, Melissa, Tennyson and Lincoln. This is always a great time hanging here and meeting other couples, sometimes we stay till closing and end up heading to diner very late. I kind of noticed that the two pools kind of have separate personalities, the upper pool is kind of the mellow relaxing area and the lower pool around the bar takes on more of a vibrant more party type atmosphere which is great!!!

    BEACH- what can I say but outstanding it is beautiful very well set up and run by the resort. Bloody Bay itself is gorgeous, we walk the beach from end to end four times a day (yes I'm kind of A.D.D. can't sit or lie in lounge chair)we were able to spend time and hang with all our local friends, Farmer Bill,Cookie, Jungle Jim, Tete, Smiley, Louie Louie, and many more including Robert who runs one of the jet ski's. Our walk is always a great time you get to see and meet so many people, and its interesting as Spike walks the beach topfree and our first pass by some of the resorts it creates quite a bit of shock but as we pass 2,3 4 or so more times it kind of becomes the norm, than you can always spot the newbees during the week with their paley white skin and the initial shock of spotting Spike on her walk.

    Its always interesting also around the Couples beach area also as Spike is always topless as long as her feet are on the sand, this also creates a lot of stares, comments, dirty looks from guests as if she was doing something so horrific, but the funniest part is all these same people wether the wife or husband run for their cameras and try and sneak a picture when they think we aren't paying attention!!LOL

    Come on people we aren't unconscious we really see and know what you are doing, and you know what we really do not care, its allowed and its a way of life for some women,and has been accepted and done in Negril since 1970! some guests react like they are traumatized for life! Hey maybe we should start staring, commenting and taking pictures of all those who get so inebriated act like idiots are rude and obnoxiuos, we do not judge you so don't judge us.

    I can only imagine what these people would be like if their was not a fence or bushes blocking the view to the AN area!!!!

    So in summary we had one of the best times ever, arrived home booked our next trip and always wonder how can the next trip be as good as the last and you know what its amazing but each always ends up surpassing the previous.


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