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    Anyone knowmif they have the artificial sweetener Stevia at CSS?

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    Did not see that type, but they do have the yellow,blue and pink

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    I don't think so. The only artificial sweetener I saw was splenda.

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    No, they don't. Most places in the US don't have it either. I bring my own packets and just carry a packet or two to breakfast/lunch with me.
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    Not sure but my wife and I are big splendia fans and when we were there we just used the real sugar. Its not a processed sugar like here in the states. It real sugar cane.(big diference)
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    When we were there in November they did not have Stevia but I just took a few packs in a ziploc bag and all was good!
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    I would assume they don't carry it because it is NOT an artificial sweetener, it is natural. They just use natural cane sugar instead.

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