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    Best thing I think about couples we were at Sans Souci anytime of day you could get a chair in shade or sun at either SSB or textile beach. Didn't have to get out at beach at 6 in morning to reserve your seat no hawkers, no kids just jamaican time!!! It was great!!! Are other 3 couples the same way? Want to try them all!!

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    The best thing,or things,about Couples to us are the employees and the guests...We can find other pretty resorts with great food but the Couples Resorts stand out in employee services and their guests.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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    CTI won't dissappoint if you are happy at CSS! but yes, Tommy is right, its the STAFF...
    PS its been forever! ((HUGS!))

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    Mona..My dear friend...How are you doing?Am I right in seeing you are not joing your dear friends at CTI this year..They will miss you.

    The Couples Resorts...Where strangers meet,swap hugs and become life long hugging friends.

    Mona..Thru the years,I have been saving HUGS for you and I hope one day to give them ALL to you..Take care my friend.
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    At CN, you never have to worry about finding a beach chair, There are plenty in the sun and the shade. CN has a very laid back Jamaican feel to it which spells RELAXATION. I am school teacher and I love my students but also LOVE not seeing children on vacation. CN - It's all good!

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    No kids!!!!!

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    Def the staff!
    No kids as

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Margi View Post
    No kids!!!!!
    Let me second that!!!! I love my kids dearly, but it sure will be nice to chill at the swim-up bar at CSA and not have a bunch of screaming kids splash me with water.

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