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    Hi everyone we are going to be there may 7 -13 I the husband wants to try parasailing I am not a samll gut about 250 or so does anyone know if thats a deal breaker for parasailing and does anyone know how much it runs thanks

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    I am 6'4 and 235. My wife and I did the parasailing when we were at CSA together no problem. Elvis will find you and ask you when you wanna go. We waited a few days and after we went he told us to pay him what was fair by the end of the week. I think we gave him $40.

    It was an adventure to actually get to the boat and nobody really explained to us why we transferred boats 3 times but looking back it was kinda fun.

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    Sublimebrad: We had the same experience but it all worked out. I thought for sure that on the 2nd boat transfer, our bodies would never be found! lol But we were well taken care of and it was a blast!

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    Husband went up and he's 250ish, no problem. Paid $40 plus a $10 tip.

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    A boat at CSA took us towards booby cay where we got on another boat which took us towards CN where a bigger boat pick us up to take us to the parasailing boat. Had a blast.

    On the way back it was the same thing. Except the second boat was going away from the shore. Part of me was ready to leave my camera behind and dive in the water if necessary. A little explanation would have helped ease the mind. All in all it was fun though and we got to see some new stuff. He took us by the nude beach and would stop for a minute to watch some game they were playing.

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    lol @ Elvis!!! Went to CSA last year, heading to CN in October. Wondering, does anyone know if CN has an "Elvis"?

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