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    My hubby and I are headed to CTI in only 12 days!! We are certified divers and are wondering how the dives work. We have our advanced certification and are hoping for some good diving. I think I read we get 1/day? Does that include all equip? Do you need a wetsuit for shallow dives? Am or Pm depending on the depth we want to go to. Do we just sign up for these when we get there? Any dives we should request? thanks!

    Cody and Natalie, arriving at CTI on 5/2/11

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    You can dive twice a day week days and possibly Saturday, once on a Sunday. They do the deep dive as the 1st dive on the morning Barracuda reef was at around 90 feet and was the deepest we went whilst I was there. The 2nd dive each day is done at the same time as those undertaking the resort dive so goes to a maximum of 30 feet for the try out and around 40 feet for qualified divers. They will try and get you to rent wet suits whilst you are there, I didn't but virtually everyone else did. Water temperature at the start of March was 80 on the surface 78 at depth so it does depend on the level of comfort you like. There are a couple of wreck dives to do but mainly it is reef. Talk to the guys they will look after you and try and meet your requests for dives. Colin, Tiger, Rasta and Daniel are all great fun and enjoy the job and they will ensure that you have the best time possible David the Captain of the dive boat is another good guy. All the kit is included as part of your package as a qualified diver except for the wet suit.
    Have a great time at CTI we loved it and wish it was us going out again so soon.
    Regards Dave and Chell

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    CTI dive boat is awesome and the divemasters are unsurpassed. You arre in for a real treat! Colin, Rasta, and Tiger will show you a great time. Experienced divers dive about 9AM (deeper dives) and you can likely join novices also later in the day for a second shallow dive. All equipment is included except a wetsuit, which you can rent there. I take my own 3mm shorty which is perfect (paid %70 on amazon). You CAN dive w/o wetsuit but it is chilly (if you are a northern coldwater diver, you might be OK w/o wetsuit). I recommend taking a digital underwater camera if you have the means to secure one. I love the video and still-shots from my canon SD800is encased in a canon case WP-DC9. I hope you guys are planning to try the au naturel island, as it is absolutely amazing. We were married at CTI 3/25/1998 and have been to Couples 6 times, most recently in 3/2011. I am jealous--have a blast!!!

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    Hi Natalie,

    I will be at CTI from Apr 30th thru May 7th. I too am certified and will be diving. As a certified diver all dives (except a night dive I think) are included as well as all your equipment. To my knowledge all dives stay around 65 feet or less and there are 2 dives per day. You don't really need a wetsuit but I do wear a shortie more for chaffing purposes. Unfortunately for me I will be arriving on a Saturday and leaving the following Saturday. On Saturday they offer a 2 tank dive which it looks like you all will be able to take advantage of. The shop is closed on Sunday.
    I will finish up by saying Collen and his crew run a MOST EXCELLENT shop and are a real blast to dive with.

    Hope to see you there.


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    No wetsuits needed unless you are cold blooded. You can dive twice a day if you want and if there's room. Deeper dive in the morning 9certified divers,)shallow in the afernoon. Colin and Rasta are the best. sign up as soon as you can and get diving.

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    Thanks guys! We are taking our own masks/snorkels and will look into a shortie wet suit (I hate being cold but the hubby won't mind). We are celebrating our 6 yr anniv and love that we can dive together. I will report on the diving when I get back- and I have an underwater case for my panasonic lumix that I love!!

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