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    I have been reading the message board and looking at the pictures of CTI that are posted and it always seems that the wind is blowing and the water looks rather rough. My husband and I will be going to CTI January 24-30, 2012 and just wondering if it is always so windy or just certain months.

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    It is always windy at CTI. Like you said it is only windy during certain months or certain times

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    There are tradewinds but they are usually light. If there is a storm then the winds will be higher. I don't think it's a time of year thing it just depends on the tropical weather at the time you are there.

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    My wife and I spent 3/23-3/30 (2011) at CTI and had no problem with the wind at all. The wind helps to temper the Jamaican sun! Also do not rely on the wind in relation to the choppiness of the sea. Due to the position of the island the water is forced to break further out, at least in front of the main swimming area. My wife and I went out on the sea kayaks a few times and only had trouble navigating due to rough waves once.

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    I certainly can't speak for "always", as we've only been there once. We were there end of Dec/early Jan this year and it was rather windy and the water was rough. In fact, first couple of days it was downright cool, so we sat in the hot tubs. Even though the red flag flew all week we did get out on the cat cruise and it wasn't too windy to sit on the beach.
    Then week 2 we went to CSS and it was calm. Not sure if that was because CSS is more sheltered than CTI, but we did see their dive boat out, so it must have been better.
    Generally it seems the North side of the island tends to get more wind and rough water than Negril, but I have seen the calm water photos too, so I hope that when you are there it is all nice and calm
    Have a great trip! (you will, even if it is windy... we did)

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    We have been to CTI twice in July and it was rather windy both trips. When we wanted to float in the ocean we had to hang onto the rope. But the wind did not deter from our vacation. We went to CTI about 10 years ago on our first Couples vacation and had to come back to see the renovated CTI. But now we really prefer CSS and CN. We switch back and forth between the two. Don't worry about the wind. It is refreshing when you are laying on the beach.

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    Default CTI wind

    We have gone to CTI in mid January more than once, it seems,there is always one day when they close water sports due to rough water, but it's not the norm. The next day, it can be so calm, you can't sail a hobie cat. No one can predict when the wind might blow stronger or not at all. We always find something to do, after all, you're in the tropics, so just enjoy the tropical weather! We live in Wisconsin, so we say,if the only ice is in my drink, and it's not snowing, all's good. Irie!

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    I've been wondering this as well.
    I am afraid the wind is gonna mess up my curls! haha

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011

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    Your perspective on wind will very from someone else's depending on what your climate is where you're from. so I say....dont worry about it, go have fun, and windy or not, hold onto your drink, lay on the beach and enjoy! We go June 15-22 and look forward to it.

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    I am going for my birthday in December and can't wait. I have seen pictures and heard people talk about the wind and rough seas and have been a little worried myself...but here's how I see matter how bad the wind gets it still doesn't BLOW as bad as work! LOL It's Jamaica,Mon; NO WORRIES!!! I hope you have a great time, relax and enjoy!

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    I didnt think it was windy at all. We were there 4/6-4/13/11

    Here is a link to pics from our trip - I don't think our hair is blowing much. (well, not my hubby - he doesn't have any

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    We go at the beginning of July and in 4 trips, have not had any issues with water sports due to winds, if that is what your concerned about.

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