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    Default Negril Lighthouse

    We are staying at CSA. I have been doing some reading about Negril to prepare for our trip. I love lighthouses and read that there is one in Negril and that you can climb it. Does anyone know if it is within walking distance of CSA and if not is there an excursion to it or how would I go about getting there? Thanks!

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    The lighthouse is on the far end of the cliffs so it would be too far to walk. Well... unless your in REAL good shape and wouldnt mind waking about 10 miles(total guess on my part of the distance)but I do know that I"ve walked from CSA to the start of the cliffs and I've walked the lenghth of the cllff road but never at the same time.
    Having said that, it shouldn't cost more than $10 or so for a taxi there. Just go out on the road and you'll have taxis stopping to see if you need a ride somewhere. Determine the price of the ride before you get in and make sure it has a red license plate. And after you tour the lighthouse I suggest you take a little time to explore the cliff area if you haven't done so already. Start to walk back down towards the beach and and when you get tired of walking just flag a taxi back to CSA. But be sure to walk towards traffic and BE CAREFUL, I love the cliff area but its a narrow windy road with not much shoulder and Jamaican drivers aren't known for being slow drivers. lol
    OH.. and when you get to the lighthouse look for the caretaker there, I can't remember his name but he took us up to the top and showed us around. I'm not sure if you can get into it without him.

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    not sure if its near your hotel but its not to far from ricks as you can clearly see it from the top if this helps.
    its free to go up but they expect a donation on the way down

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    Its several miles away. You go near it on the catamaran but turn around just before it. Probably be a cool place to watch the sunset.

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    It is on the west end of the cliffs. If you take the sunset shuttle to The Sands you might be able to walk along the road to get there.

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    Default Negril Lighthouse

    No, the lighthouse is definitely not within walking distance. We toured it in Feb. 2010 and enjoyed talking with the keeper, Mr. Johnson, who has been doing it for approx. 20+ years. He escorted us into the lighthout and up the many stairs while giving details. We saw many original pieces of equipment and a very old log book. Once at the top, we actually went outside and walked around - very cool and was an awesome view from the top, but windy. Talk with the concierge in the lobby located near Feathers Rest. and the gift logo shop. They will give you the prices and it was reasonable and worth it. We incorporated the tour with going to Rick's. Enjoy the pics!

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    Its NOT within walking distance, really... you would have to walk into town and then trek a few miles out on West End Road.

    Not sure if you can climb it... I thought I'd seen something last year on's mb about someone finding a contact with the keeper. Worth checking out, though... it looks pretty classic from the sunset cat.

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    Not walking distance. If you go when the caretaker is there you can enter it but it is usually locked. We went with a private driver when taking a tour of Negril. The tour was a blast... Really saw the real Negril. We went up back streets and into the well as the beach, light house, town and cliffs.

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    The Lighthouse is on the Cliffs in Negril. It is not walking distance from CSA, but you can take a taxi. I don't think that there is an excursion.
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    What is on the back streets and foothills. Been to Negril 5 times but
    not there.
    Have trip booked to CSA for next Jan.


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    Well it is kinda hard to put into words but I will try. In only a few words…the Real Negril…or better yet, the Real Jamaica. Our tour guides (who we have used 3 times) were GREAT! They took us to the beach (where that taught is how to work with the vendors) back streets and main streets, and on another trip to Mayfield Falls and they told us all the history of the parish and the whole country. We learned why they make their houses the way they do, we stopped at little markets. We saw the drug Lords homes and the little shanties. We stopped by and met a talked to the coconut woman. We learned about the native plants and how some were food and some were medicine and how to use each. We went to the Lighthouse, and stopped by Ricks and Pirates Cove… Over all we had a BLAST.

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