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    Default How Do I Book A "Romance Package"?


    I will be ariving at Couples Swept Away on May 20th, 2011.

    I received a Couples package in the mail and I see a "Romance Package" I would like to book.

    It is the "Forever Yours" package that includes :
    1. Fresh Flowers In Room Upon Arrival
    2. Chilled Bottle Of Sparkling Wine In Room On Arrival
    3. Private Dinner
    4. $100 Gift Certificate For Spa
    5. $50 Gift Cars Towards Gift Shop

    all for $269

    Does anybody know how I book this before I arrive to CSA?

    Thanks so much.

    & Thanks for all the info I have received from this message board.

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    I was wondering the same thing and think I found the answer. You need to contact the romance concierge. There is a link on the lower left of the CSA page where it rotates through a few other things or go to the honeymoons link and it is on there. I want to do the honeymoon package even though it is our second honeymoon and not our first. Let us know how it works out.

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    ^^Thank you for the e-mail address.

    I just sent an e-mail.

    mb9fan : I will let you know what happens and how it works.


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