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    Default Negril for next week

    1st time traveling to Jamaica and I notice shows rain and thunderstorms all week next week when my wife and I will be there. Is this common and "passing storms" for only a few hours of the day, or should I plan on coming back with no sun tan??

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    This is typical for Jamaica this time of year. The storms don't last long so you should come back with a tan.

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    It all depends...we are live at CSA right now and the weather has been fantastic with no rain. There were a lot more clouds and wind today though so it might mean the storms are coming :-(
    We were at CN the same time in 2009 and when the weather forecast said thunderstorms it rained almost 7 straight days out of our 10! I've heard from other people that it is unusual for that to happen.
    So far we have had 3 days of way better weather than any day we had in 2009.
    Cross our finger! Either way it will not ruin your vacation.

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    From May- Sept the forecast usually calls for thunderstorms every afternoon. On our last trip it was predicted to rain everyday. It would get a little cloudy starting around 4-5 and then fade off as the sun set. The only rain we got just happened to be the night of the beach party which got moved to the Palms. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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    When we were there in june the "storms" only lasted 10 to 30 min. There will be lots of time to work on that tan.

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    Afternoon storms are awesome to watch from your balcony or sit on the cabana grill and watch. Its very peaceful. Something about rain at the beach is nice to me after a long day in the sun.

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