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    Default A/C in the beach front Verandah suites

    Hi Guys,
    We will be in CSA , beach front Verandah suite in the last week of April. The room description says that it is air conditioned with Ceiling fan. I wanted to confirm that this means there is a Ceiling fan and not a air conditioning unit.

    Can anyone who has stayed in the beach front verandah suite confirm if it gets loud at night if you leave the windows open?

    Looking forward to the visit from all the great reviews here!


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    There is a ceiling fan and a separate A/C unit that is mounted on the wall near the ceiling and has a remote control. In a BFVS you do not have tohe option to leave the windows open, only the doors can be open and closed. If I remeber correctly the wooden blinds behind the beds cna be opened and closed but that is it and the only way you we be in a room with windows behind the bed is if you get a corner room. Ithe interior rooms in the buildings only have the patio doors and a window in the bathroom.

    As far as noise it will not be too loud fromthe guest it depends on where on the property your room is located. You may be able to here bands early in the evening and even hear sounds from Maragrittaville if they have a big event going on. Other than that the sounds of the tree frogs will drown out anything else. But remeber you are in the tropics and it can get muggy and humid at times and this can make a room very uncomfortable and damp.

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    All the rooms have air conditioning. Usually a horizontal wall mounted unit high on the wall in the bedroom area. The ceiling fan is a seperate item for extra air flow.

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    All the rooms as CSA have an air conditioner and a separate ceiling fan.

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    You will have both an a/c unit and a ceiling fan. Room can get quite cool.

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    Both fan and A/C your choice to use or not use and no noise at night.

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    We've stayed in the BFVS many times - it's a great room selection - you can't get any closer to the beach.

    There is an air conditioning unit. There is also a ceiling fan in the bedroom and one on the verandah.

    The only "window" that opens in the BFVS is in the bathroom. If you get an end unit, there will be windows, but the are glassed in. The middle units do not have windows in the bedroom area. All of the units have the french doors that open onto the verandah.

    We love sleeping with the doors open. If the people in your room block are partying on their verandah, it can be loud at night. But as far as noise, you can usually only hear some music coming from down the beach; nothing loud.

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    It means that the room is air conditioned and has a ceiling fan as well.
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    The units at SweptAway are equiped with A/C AND celing fan. We always love the night sounds at SweptAway... the peepers, crickets and tree frogs/lizards keep quite a symphony going from sunset till the birds start singing in the morning. Of course, once we crash, we don't hear a thing!

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    Thanks for all the gr8 feedback. I guess if it gets noisy we can turn on the AC and close the patio doors. Can't wait...

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