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    Arriving at CSS in 18 days and the wife and I are planning on doing the private dinner to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and put a dent in the resort credits we have to spend. My questions are what are the options for locations of the dinner (are there some that aren't necessarily on the sand w/the bugs?) and how much can we change the menu or make requests? We both wish CSS had an Asian option like CSA and CN where we've been in the past, or would love some really spicy jamaican food. Has anyone else had luck modifying the menus they show online?

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    We did the private dinner a couple years ago for our anniversary and had ours in the wedding gazebo. Really beautiful as it overlooks the ocean. We didn't attempt to modify the menu as we were happy with what was on it. Have a great time and happy anniversary!

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    We had a private dinner last year in the wedding gazebo. It was amazing and very private which was what I was going for. I didn't want a bunch of people watching us. I did not notice a bug the entire evening. I went with their pre-printed menu and it was awesome.

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    thanks for the info, the wedding gazebo sounds perfect!

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    We had ours on the Wedding Gazebo at CSS.

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    Default Private Dinner

    We were able to make some changes to the menu, but they were minor in nature. Our dinner was located by the Spa (right where the large chess board is). We choose to do it the same evening as the gala and felt like we had the whole resort to ourselves.

    It was well worth the money.

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    My husband and I were at CSS for our honeymoon last year and we opted for a private dinner in the wedding gazebo. It was so romantic and secluded. We didn't have any problems with bugs or with anyone being nosy. The food on the menu was wonderful and we didn't even ask if we could modify the menu. The chef even came out and surprised us. It was fabulous!

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