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    I want to go on the snorkel glass bottom boat trip but I am not good at snorkeling. Would they care if I just used the goggles not the snorkel? If anyone has choked on sea water through a snorkel before you probably know what I'm talkin about lol

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    I imagine they’d let you do it. The watersports guys are great. They would also teach you the correct way to use and purge your snorkel, if you’d like to learn. That’s what I’d suggest.

    Using the mask without the snorkel is hard work. You’re going to wind up swallowing some sea water either way.

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    I'm not real sure how well that would work. You aren't standing on the bottom of the ocean as you are over a reef and it is damaging to the reef to be touched. I don't think they would care if you don't use the snorkel, I'm just not sure how well it would work. You could go to a local SCUBA shop and buy a snorkel that has the device in it that doesn't allow water into the tube. I have one and really like it. The snorkel didn't cost that much. Perhaps $30.
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    You can just not try to breathe through the snorkel. Hold your breathe and come up for air. But know this: everytime you come up, the most awesome school of fish will swim right by you as well as sharks and mermaids.

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    I suggest you ask the guys on the snorkeling boat if you can borrow a snorkel to try in the pool to get used to it. Not sure which resort you are going to. They may even walk over to help you. Great guys at CSA! In the calm pool you can get used to breathing slowly through your mouth and how to blow out (purge)water that gets in it. Even if you have to surface every 10-15 breaths to empty your snorkel you will still see so much more than having to resurface every breath. Also use a float belt they offer you to stay on the surface better. That will help relax you and steady your breathing.

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    I like rckbert's idea. Borrow a snorkel & mask and float in the pool. I don't know if you have tried snorkeling with a life vest on but it makes a huge difference - it allows you to simply relax and float around which will calm your breathing.

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    I like Coloradojuli's idea of going to a scuba shop to buy your own snorkle. Ours don't have the device that doesn't let water in but they have the valve at the bottom right by your mouth so they are very easy to purge of water. As you can hear if any water has accumulated in the snorkle and with that valve right there it takes little effort to clear it. Also, if a wave suddenly washes over and gets water in your snorkle you can do the same. Just reach your hand up, cover the top of the snorkle and blow out, before you breathe back in let your hand off the top of the snorkle or you won't get air. It wasn't expensive. We scuba too so we got nice masks as well so you may be interested in looking at their selection. Generally the staff at dive shops are very helpful and love everything about the water and will help you find something to make your adventure a ton of fun. They will likely even spend a little time talking to you about how to use your equipment. Our local dive shop even has a pool and they would let you get in and try out your stuff. Snorkling can be so much fun if you have the right equipment but I'm not sure that going without the snorkle is the right answer.

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    You don't actually have to go under the water with it. Many people just stay at the surface so the snorkel stays above the water line. If you want to buy your own I really recommend the Oceanic Ultradry snorkel. It closes up when it goes under water or if a wave crashes over your head. I love mine.

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    We are @ CTI in June. Would love to snorkel. Reading this post makes me even more curious. Where can I get info before June on CTI and snorkeling?

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