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    Default Garden Verandah suite @ CSA-Air conditioning

    Hey, we will be staying at the Garden Verandah suite at CSA and the description says it is air conditioned with fan. I think it means there is a ceiling fan and not an actual air conditioning unit. In that case , does sleeping with open window attract a lot of bugs (read in other posts) and noise from the beach?

    Thanks guys for the feedback.

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    There is an air-conditioner and a ceiling fan. We've never had any bugs in our room other than ants and that is because we left drinks in our room without rinsing the glasses out. The only noise you will hear from the beach is the sound of the waves, but the most prevalent sound you hear at night is the tree frogs singing their song. We love the sound of the tree frogs at night. It is a very soothing sound.
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    Welcome to the Couples family. The garden verandah suites are located in the older and in newer sections. The room you get will be slightly different depending on which side of the resort you're on. Go up to the top of the page and click on the COUPLES SWEPT AWAY tab. On that page go to the bottom left and click on ACCOMMODATIONS. There you can get a panoramic view of the different rooms. The garden verandah room shown is one in the older section of the resort and the ocean verandah room is typical of all the verandah rooms on the newer side. I'm told that the older side verandah rooms now have glass in the windows but even before the upgrade had screens in all windows. So bugs were never a problem unless you leave the door open. There are ceiling fans in all the room types and an A/C unit mounted high on the wall. Enjoy your time in Paradise, aka CSA!!!

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    The descriptions are very misleading. There is a small air conditioner in each room similar to a window mout unit but mounted on the wall. It is very powerful and can make your room quite cold which I love. The problem is that the maids would always turn it off in the afternoon because it fogs up the windows. So you gotta turn it back on when they leave.

    AC isn't standard in Jamaica so instead of central AC they install these small ones in bedrooms where they want it kept cold. Otherwise it'd be too expensive to keep a house cool year round. Imagine your summer electric bill every month.

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    No what they mean is that there is air-conditioning AND a ceiling fan!

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    No.... a/c means a/c, and ceiling fan means ceiling fan. Both are included. We're not a/c folks, so we run it until we retire... then we turn on the fan.

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    It has airconditioning and a fan. You are gonna love CSA. It's awesome!

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    It means it has both ceiling fan and AC or you can leave the windows open and there are no bugs.
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    Thanks Guys. Looking forward now..we luv our A/C

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    Some people have complained of road noise depending on the location of your room. The AC would eliminate some of that as well. We never heard any outside noise other than the maid cart rolling down the sidewalk.

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