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    Default Warm water in February?

    Hi, we are planning our trip to CN in Feb. 2012. We haven't seen any info. about this subject. Just wondering...will the water be cooler because it is winter, or is the ocean that far south warm all of the time? Since we are from the North, we are somewhat skeptical that it(the water) can be balmy during our (frigid February). Thanks, we can hardly wait.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jillianrenae View Post
    ...will the water be cooler because it is winter, or is the ocean that far south warm all of the time?...
    The water in Negril is warm all the time, but warmth is a relative thing.

    In Dec., Jan., and Feb. we definitely notice the pool and the bay are cooler than Jul. or Aug.
    However it is still much warmer than any place in the U.S. north of Florida and quite enjoyable.

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    We have been to CN twice in February and the water has been beautiful,spent just as much time in the water as we did during trips in July.The pool seems a bit cooler early in the day because the early morning hours are cool,but the ocean itself is great just walk right in temps are so good doesn't even take time to get aclimated. Actually when we went out on the Cat cruise later in the day and did swimming by the caves the water was still nice and warm.

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    Thanks for the info. We are really looking forward to the tropics. Especially in February when we have 30 below zero temps . 100 degree difference in warmth. NICE.......

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    The weather is around 84 in the day and it goes down to a freezing 79 at night...we've been there twice in the beginning of Feb. First time it was gorgeous ALL the time, the second we had some rain in the afternoon...but it didn't dampen any spirits at all....we'll be there Feb 5 - 16 in 2012...and the Superbowl watching is EXCELLENT...nothing like watching a football game in your bathing suit....

    Water is nice and warm as well -- I am SURE you will like it, WE CERTAINLY DO

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    The sea is always gorgeous.... We will be there in Feb (our 4th year visiting in Feb and always swim in the sea everyday).

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    Hi jillianrenae,

    The water is very warm and the weather is awesome . My husband and I are returning the 11th of february and will be there for one week. You will have a great time. CN is our home away from home. The service is wonderful and the people are just as wonderful. Couldn't ask for a better place to go. Hope you have a wonderful time and I know you will return.

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    rudi, thanks for the input. We are really looking forward to our first trip to Jamaica! jill

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    Wow, 79 - 84? We can definitely appreciate those temps! We will probably see You at the Superbowl Party, Just hoping that the game is competitive and the commercials are much better than last years!!

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    So glad to hear the part about "always gorgeous". From all we have read, CN and Jamaica must be fabulous! Maybe we will cross paths while there.. have a great trip! Jill

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    Thanks for the advice, we are thrilled to be visiting for the first time.. It seems that everyone loves the place
    and we hope to experience the same wonderful things! Jill

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    We are returning this Feb 17th to 21st! Can't wait! Second trip! Glad to hear the water is warm. We were worried as last time we went in May and it was hot! We went to Cancun last year in February and froze!

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