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    Default We leave iln the morning

    The group known as the April Amigos, are about to start their journey at various times tomorrow. By the end of the day, most will have arrived and more to arrive the next day. One countdown will end and a new one will begin.

    We call this night Couples eve. There are no special things that you have to do or say. But some couples I know have made the night really special. You can do what ever you would like. And each year at around this time of the year, we will again begin another Couples eve.


    Wednesday, April 20, 2011 at 2:14pm

    Here it is at that time of year once again. Months ago, in homes across this country, Canada, England and many other destinations around the planet, people were getting that oh so wonderful feeling once again. Undeniable ! You never forget that feeling. Your mouth goes in to a smile where there seems nothing to smile about. To the casual observer, perhaps not. To anyone who has ever been to any of these four magnificent properties, that call themselves Couples. Then there is no question in your mind of whatís to come. It may still be 6-8 months away. Doesn't matter. Gotta love those feelings.

    Here in the Boston area, the temps., are around 40 something. Fairly good wind that makes it all seem even more disgusting than it is.

    But this being Couples eve, afternoon, the winds outside donít bother me. The cold doesn't bother me. To be concise. Nothing is bothering me today. At all. Thatís the effect of Couples eve. Whether in the morning or mid day or actually being the evening, it is really a state of mind. And that state of mind has you this close to peeing your pants. Yes, I know that I do too, but Iím old.

    These chosen people will soon embark on a journey that truly ends in paradise. Itís a story of love, passion, conflict, and finally, an ending that will sweep the starry eyed travelers to a playground of pleasures that will reach the deepest parts of ones being.

    Revitalizing, re-energizing, re-connecting, re-evaluating, and simply, resplendent. The next number of days will involve some emotions that you may not have had time for recently.
    This is no mirage. Everything you see about you is alive and growing and surviving.

    And now that we all are just about done with countdown 2011. Very nice. Very, very nice.

    Enjoy this marvelous magical night. And in the morning, before the sun is up, and throughout the day, we will go two by two the airplane.

    The sigh that you each give, and the looks on both of your faces. Mere words donít do it justice.

    But we all will just hours from now.

    Couples eve Thurs 20,2011

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    Rich, you are so excited that you dated your Couples Eve post "Thursday" April 11, 2011. LOL (I even looked at my computer to make sure it is Wednesday.)

    Have a wonderful time! Tell Bruce and Kelly 'hi' from April Fools Scott & Princess Juli
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Awww.....I wish it were Couples Eve for us. I think it sounds better than Christmas Eve.

    Have fun all of you, and if you see Amber out on the Island, tell her Greg and Monique say hi!

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