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    Default Can I bring my own chair float?

    I have just booked CN for June. Canceled ressie from a "S" resort. I always brought my own chair float to the "S" resorts. Is that allowed at Couples? Don't want to get off on the wrong foot!


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    I think so but why? Couples has plenty to use.


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    You can bring your own float however there are floats on all the chairs that you can use. I would say use the space in your suitacse for an extra bathing suit or two and just use CN's floats.
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    I don't know if it's allowed, but I've never seen anyone bring a chair float from home in my 19 trips to the various Couples Resorts.
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    You won't need it! All of the loungers have cushions that double as floats.

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    You can bring one, but they supply wonderful floaties that double as chair cushions and there are plenty of them.
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    There are plenty of floats on all the chairs. I would save the space for other stuff.Just my opinion, though.

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    You donít need a float. The lounge chairs on the beach and by the pool all have really nice floating cushions you can take to the water.

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    I have read in other posts that if the resorts are at capacity it is sometimes hard to get a float. We are bringing one just in case!

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    Default can but there is no need, each chair has a float and they are fabulous. Unless you have a magic float I'd leave it at home.

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    We have never had trouble getting a floatie at CN. No need to bring one! CSS... that's another story. Have fun.

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    I don't know why you would want to. They have plenty of floats and you could use that suitcase space for Rum Cream and Coffee.

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    Couples does supply floats, not chairs for the water. I have never seen anyone bring a float chair. Is it against the rule, I do not think so. Couples resort are easy going, as long as you do not interfere with others having good time.
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    Welcome to the Couples family, your going to love it. Not sure if it is allowed or not, but really no need to bring one 'cause all the chairs have a float mats on them and every resort has enough chairs for everyone. Save room in your suitcase for coffee and rum.

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    no need to bring your own! There are more than plenty at the Couples resorts for everyone to use!!!!
    Enjoy your trip.... No worries mon!!!

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    You could, but why would you want to? There's no need at Couples.

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    I don't think it's allowed, but why would you bring your own float when there is a float on every pool/beach lounger. Couples thinks of everything.

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    Why would you want to???? There are floats on every chair!!!

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    you won't need to, they have plenty.
    the floaties are the cushions on all the loungers.

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    There is really no need to bring your on floatie. In fact, we would prefer that you do not. Save the luggage space...

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