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    Default Sand Ceremony info PLease!!!!!!!

    Hey I want to do a sand ceremony and am completely clueless at what I need to I order it myself, if so where?

    Do you get it shipped there, or do you take it on the plane? Do they allow you to take it back home with you?

    Any and all information reguarding this topic would be so helpful. I am clueless at where to start : / Thanks guys

    -Confused Bride-

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    Hi there,

    From what I understand yes you order your own sand ceremony set with sand. You can find these online, I have also seen them at Hobby Lobby and Davids Bridal. You take it with you on the plane, and you can take it back home with you but only YOUR sand no Jamaican sand in there. Hope that helps!

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    We did the sand ceremony. We bought our sand at a local store and spent a lot of time looking for the "perfect" vessel. Just make sure you have enough sand and a vessel with a top/stopper. We also took a small funnel to use to pour the sand. I think we packed the sand in our suitcases on the way out and then carried the finished product on the plane with us. It is one oour most prized wedding possessions!

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    Has anyone does this before? I love the idea but i'm wondering... what happens if the sand ends up spilling all over the place or shifting and its not nicely layered any more. I've done 'sand art' when i was a kid and it looked great when it was first done, then it mixed all up and it was a big mess.
    Any thoughts would be great. Thank you!

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    Ash, my vase came with a stopper. I will carry it home in my carry-on and hope for the best. I am sure it will sift and settle a little on the way home.

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    Funny you should ask about spilling! We have a rather large bottle and somehow a cleaning person was able to tip it while cleaning our room! Now for some reason, this really annoyed my husband but for me it just adds to the uniqueness. We filled it really fully and put a stopper in it. The whole point is that once that sand is mixed together it can never be undone so that certainly would be the case> After all, our life together is certainly going to be a little "messed up".

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