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    So sorry to hear about your Mother in Law... it's tough, Joe and I have been taking care of his Mother for years, so we know how draining it can be. This is why we cherish our precious time together at CSA. It's the one place all year that we can totally be away from all responsibilities and just be with each other...
    Congrats... you are now empty nesters... have fun with your son on his 21st.

    Take care and keep us posted...
    29 Fridays to to go !!!

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    Hi yazmon. Wow a Colts fan. We are just south of Barrie and my friends brotherinlaw used to coach the Colts. Yes we will have to look out for you. The martini bar is one of our favourite places to go for a pre dinner drink. My husband is a big hockey fan but unfortunately the Leafs haven't given us much to cheer about in many years. Thanks for the countdown. It keeps me going.

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    We just booked our airfare. We are flying out of Bloomington, IL to Atlanta then on to MoBay. We get in around 12:45 pm on March 1st. Bloomington is only 45 minutes from Peoria. It sure beats driving 2.5 hours to Chicago.

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    ya mon, only 27 more fridays to go,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    25 more Fridays.... EEF

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    Robin--I was going to post the same, but you beat me to it.

    We all have our airfare booked. Flying Delta through Atlanta. Our flight leaves Bloomington at 6 am. That means we will have to leave for the airport at 4 am. An early start to our day--but a good one since we will be at CSA.

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    You must be relieved that everything is now done... whewwww...
    Just think, the earlier you leave, the earlier you get to CSA... it's so worth being sleep deprived!
    BTW, my post above was wrong... I wrote EEF, should have been EFF... you knew what I was talking about, I'm sure.

    Take care

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    We saw our first snowflakes today. Now we are really anxious for March to arrive. I think it is going to be a very long winter...we are going to pay for the beautiful summer we had!

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    Yikes, you poor thing... although it was only 34 out this morning when I left for work...too cold... too soon.
    I agree, if this keeps up, it certainly will be a loooonnnngggg winter, but it will make us appreciate even more, the beauty and warmth that CSA holds for all of us.
    Soon come
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    24 Fridays to go...!!!!

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    23 Fridays to go... !!!!!

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    22 Fridays to go...!!!!!

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    152 days until CSA!!!

    No EFF this week. We are all going out on Saturday night instead.

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    21 Fridays to go !!!!
    (I know I'm a day early)

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    And to think that I was going to beat you to it this week.

    We are having EFF this week with the original 6. We love to get together and talk about Jamaica. It makes the week go so much better when you know that you have plans for Friday night.

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    20 Fridays to go and it's our 22nd anniversary today !!!!
    Life is good.

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    Robin & Joe--Happy Anniversary!!!! It will be a fun EFF.

    Our 28th anniversary will be on October 29th.
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    Happy Anniversary to you RobinH and Yazmon and your spouses. It's a cold and blustery day here in Ontario and for the first time am truly craving my Jamaica vacation. I truly dislike cold and snow.Yazmon your pic in Feathers has my husband and I in the background. I think that was his birthday dinner as it shows its mar 1. This past year we went a bit earlier but next year we will be there again for hubby's birthday. Days are getting closer.

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    Brennie- I think you and I figured out that we ended up with your husband's birthday cake that year!!! Dan, front row, second from the right, has his birthday at CSA every year (March 1st) same as your husband, Bruce, correct??

    That's funny that we caught you in our picture.

    This year because of schedules, flights, etc.... we are traveling on March 1st. We will be celebrating Dan's birthday all day long, starting at 3:30 am as we are headed to the airport!!! We usually have Bloody Marys, in coffee cups, as we arrive at the airport. The airport bars aren't open, so we have to provide our own beverages. We usually raid Dunkin Donuts for a few cups the week before, no Tim Horton's in Illinois.
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    19 Fridays to go...
    Yazmon, thanks for the best wishes
    Happy 28th, how special your EFF will be next week...

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    Default 17 Fridays to go...

    I just realized at some point for all of us... we can all say that we are at the "Double Digit" dance.... count down....

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    Double digits. Yeah. Yazmon just seen your Tim's comment. Not used to Americans knowing of Tim's. lol
    Getting kind of frosty here in the am. So looking forward to warmth and sunshine.

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    16 Fridays to go...
    I can't wait to walk through the beautiful pathways again...

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    Default Eff

    Happy EFF. It's getting close. Almost down to 100 days.

    We were out to dinner with daughter #2, her 24th birthday, today, 11/17.

    I hope I beat Robin to this!!!!

    Off to Florida to see our son play hockey on Friday and Saturday. Then we all spend Thanksgiving week on the beach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobinH View Post
    Has anyone heard from our spread sheet queen... Blonde Hawaiian?
    I'm here! We are going to CSA March 9-18. I'll try to work on the spreadsheet.

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