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    Quote Originally Posted by jordanandsarah View Post
    44 days for us! Jordan and Sarah from Nebraska! We have gone to CSA the last 2 years in April (the first year to get married on the beach) This year it didn't work out to come in April for our anniversary, so we can celebrate my birthday instead! We cannot wait... it's too cold here in Nebraska! Can't wait to meet you all.
    Hi Jordan & Sarah!
    So I know your names and you guys are from Nebraska and you are going to celebrate a birthday and with me counting back 44 days from your post I think your dates are going to be March 10th? Am I correct? What are your exact dates?

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    My wife (32) and I (34) will be at CSA march 17-31. 4th trip to negril, 1st to couples. We're from Minnesota. Love Negril, the beach, the water, and the people. Soooo looking forward to it!

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    Default OMG.. under 30 days

    4 more Fridays... 28 more days... yippie!!


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    WELCOME BAYLAKER! We are your neighbours to the North. Live in Northwestern Ontario Canada. Will be returning to CSA for our 5th visit on March 21st. We are so excited. If you haven't been to CSA before you are in for the time of your lives! Maybe we will meet up in the piano bar some evening!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BayLaker View Post
    My wife (32) and I (34) will be at CSA march 17-31. 4th trip to negril, 1st to couples. We're from Minnesota. Love Negril, the beach, the water, and the people. Soooo looking forward to it!

    Welcome BayLaker! You are going to love couples. I'm hooked!
    Spreadsheet attached.
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    Default Blonde Hawaiian

    We will be there March 11-18! can't wait!

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    Hello Jordan and are now on the spreadsheet.

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    It would be nice if you could post a picture of yourselves if you haven't yet.

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    This is Shelli and Kerry!
    sir mayhem

    Spreadsheet has been updated!
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    32 days.............Can.not.wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    3 more Fridays ...21 days total, but if I look at only get-up work days... I only have 15 get-ups...


    Can't wait to come home again

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    Love that pic. it's now Sat. so 2 more Fridays for us.

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    Hello Kim and Craig and all! Finally getting around to posting - thanks Kim for getting a pic of us up on the board, here's another ...

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    We arrive on Mach 7th around 3:00 pm so we probably won't be 'home' until late. Looking forward to meeting everyone. 25 days!

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    Soooo heartbroken right now =( My husband and I may not be able to make it to CSA in 28 days =(. Even though our vacation is bought and totally paid for, our child care may have fallen through. My Father was supposed to come take care of our children, but within the last week, he has taken his Mother in to live with him. She has been diagnosed with Stage 4 bone cancer. They have started her on morphine (she is still mobile at the moment). He told me that he cannot leave her. We are heartbroken at the fact that we are losing our last Grandparent. I sooo wanted to come and renew our vows here at CSA. We have not cancelled yet. We are going to wait and see what God has in his plans.

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    We are back for a third March Break-March 11-18! Cathy and Ian

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    Hi everyone....Ian and I will be at CSA March 11-18. A quick question...what are the building numbers of the beachfronts near the hot tub? We stayed in one two years ago. I want to call ahead so that I don't end up in the beachfront closest to the disco. We had to move because of the noise and we spent our first night getting very little sleep!!!! I think it is 3100 but I am not sure...I wish I had written it down! Thanks, and looking forward to another great vacay at CSA!

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    Default it can't come too soon

    We have booked for our 6th time for 3/24-4/1. Staying in the beachfront rooms vs. beachfront verandah. We stayed in the beachfront room last year and just loved it. This year we will get coffee brought to us in the am. Relalized after loving it last year we would be nuts to give it up. Already dreaming. We awake up at 6..same as when we are working so we can sit on the verandah and watch the beach come to life.

    We also decided to leave from Boston at the crack of dawn...5:00 am..connect in Charlotte....and get there.........drum roll........9:50 am. Aren't we smart?????

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    Our trip is back on!!!!! We cannot wait!!!! CSA here we come!!!! I hope to meet some of you while we are there!

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    26 Days!!!!!! WooooHooooooo!!!!! When I was in our tiny grocery store this afternoon, Bob Marley was playing on the overhead, all I could think was just a few more days and my husband and I will be in Jamaica with an ice cold drink in hand, holding the other hand and toes in the warm sand!!!!

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    Soooo happy for you!
    12 more get ups!!!

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    Thank You RobinH!!!!!
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    I hope this worked. This is my husband and I (we've never been to Couples before so we don;t have a apic of us there)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrookenSeanVT View Post
    Our trip is back on!!!!! We cannot wait!!!! CSA here we come!!!! I hope to meet some of you while we are there!
    Awesome....I'm so glad!

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    22 more days.....I'm starting to pack!

    Spreadsheet attached!
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    ok...I have whpped myself into a frenzy. Love looking at all the photos I feel like I'm there already. Dropping 15lbs on the 17 day diet before I go...Hey it worked last time. Can't wait to see all you happy March Mainiacs...from me a real Maine Mainiac!!!!!!!!!!!! Safe travels for all. Enjoy!!!

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    If you talking Beachfront Verandah Suites then the buidings are #42 and #43. For #42 the rooms are 3117-3320. For #43 the rooms are 3121-3324. The higher the second # the higher the floor. Now I can't remember which are the "prized" end units but maybe somebody else can help. The rooms above are two buldings removed from the disco and further down so you do not hear music from Margaritaville or disco. Personally I like either 1st floor for beach access or third floor for the view.

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    Has anyone gone out to an offsite
    restaurant while at CSA? I know the restaurants there are very good but wanted to go out to another place one night. Let me know if you have any thoughts. Thanks

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