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    Default St Patty's Day

    Any special parties planned on St. Patrick's day at CSA?

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    9 days!!!!!!!!! and 12 until we Renew Our Vows!!!!

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    Hey everyone!
    We'll be at CSA from March 11 to 18. Can't wait!! Only a few more days!! Doing the 6am flight from JFK arriving in Mo Bay at 8:30 (thank you daylight savings!) and be at the resort by 11!!! Can't come soon enough!! I wonder what my first drink will be??!! Look forward to meeting you all!

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    8 more days!!!!!

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    ya mon brookenseanvt, getting down to the wire now, hope to see you on thursday for sure at 4, if not sooner, we hang out on the old part down by water sports, sit by ray bell the t shirt guy a lot, welcome to the couples family! see you sunday

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiGreg View Post
    Any special parties planned on St. Patrick's day at CSA?
    We should plan something.....

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    Spreadsheet updated!

    Well, 3 more days of work and then we will be in paradise! I hope eveyone who is there right now is having an awesome time! Can't wait to see everyone very soon.
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    Waynef Took paints to Ray. He painted 2 adorable shirts for my grandsons and some Jamaica Electric ones for my husband. He is so talented. Say hi to him for us. Have a great trip.

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    ya mon brennie, will do, have a suitcase full of paint, leave on sunday, one love

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    Ya mon, no more fridays left!!!! Fly out sunday, see you on the beach or at the bar.
    One love

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    We're going to swept away!!!! Did a SR found out this mourning were going to CSA,, been to CTI 1 time and CN 6 times.......
    Eric & Melissa from WI

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    we did the SR and found out we will be returning to swept away the 22-28, arriving from Boston at 9:55 am!

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    5 more days....
    normaly can be floating around the pool bar.... and yes I'll buy a few drinks....
    Eric & Melissa from WI
    1X COR, now (CTI)
    6X CN
    CSA 3-25,4-1

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