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    My soon to be hubby is interested in golfing when we get to CSA, how is the course? How far do we have to go to get there? Is the course owned by couples (do we get free food and drinks). How much is it to rent clubs and everything? Has anyone done this and would you recommend it?

    Also we are thinking about doing zip line...any other must haves? Are there any ATV's we could take out? Anything else that is a must do while at CSA?

    I want to spend a couple days doing stuff and a couple days relaxing, any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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    The golf course used by the resorts in the Negril area is Negril Hills. From SweptAway, it is a short 10 minute ride by cab (at your cost) or bus (included in your AI). If you go by bus, you'll likely be with some folks from Couples Negril.

    The course is NOT owned by Couples. It is a local country club. Couples pays the greens fees for its golfing clientele. You are on the hook for any club or cart rental, caddy tips, drinks, snacks, etc. Its been about 6 years since I've golfed it, but back then, I believe my wife and I shelled out $17 each for club rental for 9 holes. The course is quiet hilly, and a good challenge for the average duffer. You are far enough inland, however, to completely lose the benefit of the sea breeze, so be prepared for that, or rent a cart.

    There are tours offered (again, at your cost) to go to zip-line concessions up at Montego Bay, or to a more local concessionaire who has ATV's... these are not available at the resort.

    Keep an eye on the MB, and you will find lots of things to do at SweptAway, many of them inclusive in your price.

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